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baby saddle

for carrying babies, but it might work for monkeys and little sick dogs etc
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a lightweight human saddle worn on the hip for carrying youngsters might be good. I seem to remember kids tend to slip off the hip quite a bit and all that jerky jerky hitching nonsense is bad for the back.

give it a horse's head and a set of reins - hours of amusement...

po, Jan 06 2004

Similar http://www.snugli.com/
Snugli [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Snugli side-carrier too http://www.snugli.c.../prsc_growwme.phtml
see pictures [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Baby Saddle http://perrin.socsc...kpack-poppa-14m.jpg
Ok, well it's a baby backpack. But [po]'s idea isn't really a saddle either. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Over the shoulder baby holder http://www.parentsa...ructions/index.html
Sling mostly (lacks leather's je ne sais quoi) [DadManWalking, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Hipseat http://www.hippychick.com/
there's a photo on the front page and more info if you follow the link to the Hipseat [hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You're just begging for me to post the Babybra.
hi entropy, Jan 06 2004

       oh no I am not!   

       LBaF, not at all; this is for bigger kids. you never seen a child on a hip? one of those contraptions would be difficult for a large toddler to get into, with this, they just hop on...
po, Jan 06 2004

       The Snugli allows for hands-free baby carrying ... its not exactly on the hip, but I can imagine something similar for the hip ... and with fewer straps ... stirrups, perhaps?
Letsbuildafort, Jan 06 2004

       Wouldn't this be more like a baby holster? Draw!
Worldgineer, Jan 06 2004

       The Quik-Draw Baby Holster definitely gets my bun.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 06 2004

       world, which bit of *lightweight baby saddle* strikes you as being unsaddle-like?
po, Jan 06 2004

       Saddles are worn on the back, holsters on the hip. Perhaps the problem is in my imagination. Which way does the baby face?
Worldgineer, Jan 06 2004

       he/she sits on mum's hip facing mum, one leg either side of her leg. a saddle strapped to her hip and mum-shaped would result in youngster not continually slipping down. sorry, my description is probably (as per usual) faulty.   

       happy new year, cowboy!
po, Jan 06 2004

       The seat might be at the hip, but I would strongly recommend using harnesses to transfer the weight evenly to the shoulders.   

       P.S. Saddle up them thar babies, yihaa!
DrCurry, Jan 06 2004

       Great idea [po]! Resting toddlers on the hips is the easiest way to carry them and still have at least one hand free, especially if they're as big as mine (hips not toddlers). Po's Patented Progeny Porter would give two free hands, help distribute the weight and stop you standing around with your hip kicked out causing pound signs to light up in your chiropracters eyes.
hazel, Jan 06 2004

       I had this same thought, [po]. I wholeheartedly concur. The only problem I forsee is chaffing across hip with weight and motion of walking etc... +
k_sra, Jan 06 2004

       nice soft leather saddle might actually reduce chafing.   

       mmmmmmmmm sniffs leather.
po, Jan 06 2004

       We have a sling that has, as one permutation, the baby on the hip. see link.   

       As a DAD I'm not crazy about where little swiniging feet might make contact. Giddy yap! so add a cup for dad.   

       Needs to be side changeable (ambihipstrus?) for sure and any transfer to the shoulders should be partial. Ouch.
DadManWalking, Jan 06 2004

       Any room for Gibralitarian monkeys ?
skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

       Get this straight, its not a baby holder/chair etc. Its for toddler to ride YOU!
po, Jan 06 2004

       But where will the bit go?
oneoffdave, Jan 06 2004

       Thats..thats..monkey busy-ness ..if ..
skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

       This would not be near as much fun as monkey riding....
normzone, Jan 06 2004

       Did someone mention monkey and leather?
darn, thought this was going to be about monkey sex. Lots of high-pitched screaming and swinging from ropes and playing with big long bananas. You interested [po]?

       Having no children in my >35 years, I wouldn't use this, but can see where it would take the load off of the hip and redistribute the load. [+]
Klaatu, Jan 06 2004

       Can my "baby" use a riding crop? I'm a sick dog.
FarmerJohn, Jan 06 2004

       Klaatu, what are you on?
po, Jan 07 2004

       Would the toddler be able to face outward (away from the host) so that their inevitable stream of puke can be safely directed away from the host's clothes?
dobtabulous, Jan 07 2004

       no, sorry. puke goes with the job.
po, Jan 07 2004

       But more commonly associated with infants than toddlers.
DrCurry, Jan 07 2004

       Take a wide, long, strong cloth, sling it diagonally across your upper body like Braveheart and knot it so that the lower end rests on your hip . Now move the knot so that it doesn't rest on your shoulder. Insert small child into loop on hip as if into one of those chairs that dangle from the ceiling. Done!   

       Their legs automatically go around your hip, the weight is carried on your shoulders, it's comfortable and can be used to tie the child into a neat bundle if they become troublesome.   

       Loads of people have them over here but I've never seen them in the UK.   

       I do like the saddle idea but what stops them slipping off the back? And won't it be rather heavy?
squeak, Jan 08 2004

       thank you squeak.   

       in no way is this a seat or harness into which you insert a child. this is something for a bigger child to hop on and off at child and parent's mutual convenience.   

       yes, kids are heavy so the saddle needs to be as light as possible.
po, Jan 08 2004

       // sorry. puke goes with the job //   

       Glad I never applied for it!
dobtabulous, Jan 08 2004

       too bad, you got it dob!
po, Jan 08 2004

       Is there any invention that can make child emesis not smell so badly? And, it's always Cheerios, scrambled eggs and milk that seems to come up.
Child vomit <cold shudder>
Klaatu, Jan 08 2004

       hey love me, love my babies :)
po, Jan 08 2004

       once you give birth to a baby, you come to realize that there is nothing that child will do that will gross you out.
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       baby, its the same with dogs as I discovered tonight with my 16 year old puppy.
po, Jan 08 2004

       well, i was an aweful teenager, so i still think i could take basically anything in stride....but kids have a way of trying to prove you wrong every chance they get, so who knows..:)
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       Is this the kind of thing [po] (see link)? It's called the hipseat.
hazel, Jan 21 2004

       //Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain.// who do they think they are kidding? that has to be so bad for the back.   

       no, not really!hazel, I see mine as more a traditional saddle.
po, Jan 21 2004


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