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Fast coffins for rednecks
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Attention Race Fans! Don't go out lying down! When you reach the finish line go out in style! CARSKETS are authentic retired Nascar racecars that you can drive to the pearly gates. We take care of everything. On your final pitstop you will be placed in the driver's seat and lowered into a concrete vault. A lid will be put on top and a headstone with checkered flags will mark your personal finishline.
starvedison, Feb 03 2008

(?) Man Buried With His Beloved Car. http://timesofindia...cleshow/1854564.cms
[Amos Kito, Feb 03 2008]

Casket Furniture http://www.casketfu...asket_furniture.php
[Klaatu, Feb 03 2008]


       Dude you totally missed the mark with this one. I clicked in Bun in hand, figuring this was an idea for a casket in which to bury my beloved car and instead I get this..... (-)
jhomrighaus, Feb 03 2008

       Preheated in the book "On The Beach".
normzone, Feb 03 2008

       Dude..... They would be happy to bury your beloved car, as long as you were in it.
starvedison, Feb 03 2008

       Or, just bury yourself in that favorite old sofa <link>
Klaatu, Feb 03 2008


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