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game tups

plastic-ware for board games
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Game-specific plastic ware to keep your boxes from getting crushed.

My children have a memory game that has lasted for two years because it is kept in a disposable plastic ware container.

It's a small market, and maybe it would be too expensive to tool up to make them, but maybe there could be plastic containers for card board box board games.

And maybe they could be made of wood, with inlaid brass plaques with the game name on, and be made stackable so they stair step and cantilever and are generally pretty.

nomocrow, Dec 22 2008


       The wooden cases would be good for "classics" (or "future classics")
FlyingToaster, Dec 23 2008

       What's this got to do with sheep breeding?
coprocephalous, Dec 23 2008


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