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Casino Chip Currency

Mint casino chips as legal tender
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If you spend a lot of time in a casino (and you know who you are), you know it's very bothersome to stagger over to the cage at 3am to cash out whatever chips you have left.

Also, you know that every casino uses the following universal colour coding of chips: $100 = black, $25 = green, $5 = red, and $1 are casino-specific, but are most often white or blue (also $500 = purple). We should just get it over with, and have the government mint official chips as legal tender.

People love the look and feel of casino chips. Put 10 chips in my hand, and I'll shuffle them until you take them away. People tip more often when they have chips in their hand, so restaurants will love them. Not only will people save time from having to queue up at the cage twice a night, but they won't have to buy extra chips for their home games.

Think of how much more fun the bank will be, when the teller stacks off the multi-coloured chips, and puts them in nice acyrillic racks, all in efficient, graceful motions. That alone might get your casino fix in for the day.

ninehigh, Jun 22 2005


       Anything is money if you and someone else agree on its value.
sartep, Jun 22 2005

       //nice acyrillic racks//
As used in non-Russian casinos.
angel, Jun 22 2005

       FWIW, people have used large denomination casio chips to hide assets during bankrupcy. Perhaps Vegas could create a city wide chip system that would also be used in local stores. The city would also get all the senoirage benefits when people buy but do not spend the chips. Hey, Hong Kong has it's own currency, why not Macau.
geo8rge, Jun 22 2005

       i quite like this idea ... it would certainly suit cities like Vegas whose industries are driven by gambling.   

       My only concern is over counterfeiting - what measures are taken to make the chip uncopyable?
jonthegeologist, Jun 22 2005

       Obviously each chip has an rfid tag that is not only ridiculously un-counterfeitable but also allows casinos, with a special rf gun, to count your money while you're sittin' at the table. A hologram of Elvis emblazons the center.
joeforker, Jun 22 2005

       [joeforker] love it.
jonthegeologist, Jun 22 2005


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