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Cat Depilation Pack

Skin two cats with one stone...
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This is a trap designed to keep two pests at the edge of your property: cats and mosquitoes. First, using normal bait to lure the trespassing cat into it, the trap ensnares the kitty's head with a cone-shaped clamp around the neck (cat lovers, this is for the kitty's own protection and is only temporary. Think of one of those cones that vets put on them to prevent scratching).

Once the cat is so ensnared, the body is sprayed with depilatory foam. The foam is left on for 5 minutes to do its work, then high-pressure water nozzles spray the loosened hair off the body (think of it like a kitty car-wash). Results may be patchy... this is acceptable for the intended purpose.

The clamp is released and a heat lamp underneath the kitty is activated. Between the cat's shaking inside the cage, newfound (partial) hairlessness and lamp's heat, the cat will quickly dry.

The whole contraption is transported to the edge of the yard on a rail, where the cat is offered up to the mosquitoes as a living decoy to keep them away from the house. After 3-5 days (during which the kitty is fed and watered, because a dehydrated cat is not a sweating cat, and a non-sweating cat is not an attractive cat to mosquitoes) when the cat starts to regrow its hair, the trap opens, releases the cat, and resets itself for the next cat to come along and be stupid enough to trespass on my lawn.

21 Quest, Oct 22 2011


       You've obviously never tried to lure a cat into a trap. It's much harder than squirrels.
DIYMatt, Oct 22 2011

       Ah, that explains your confusion. If you have to try, you simply haven't built a good enough trap.
21 Quest, Oct 22 2011

       Bad idea. In addition to being cruel (and therefore [marked-for-deletion]), it makes no sense.

       To minimize the mosquito threat to you in your yard, you suggest *feeding* the mosquitos? Even if this were to temporarily distract the mosquitos (doubtful), as soon as you happen to run out of unlucky cats, you'll have a bigger-than-ever swarm of mosquitos waiting for you.
swimswim, Oct 22 2011

       And they will be maniacal mosquitos too. Cat blood has that effect -- just look what it's done to [8th of 7].
swimswim, Oct 22 2011

       //as soon as you happen to run out of unlucky cats//

       Not likely... they breed worse than rabbits, and in case you didn't notice this is a catch and release system. So I'll get the same cats over and over. On the off chance I do run out, then I'll just have to break out the Mosquito Depilation Pack.
21 Quest, Oct 22 2011

       Don't think of it as being cruel to cats... think of it as being friendly to Mosquitoes. The EPA would approve.
21 Quest, Oct 22 2011

       We will buy your entire prodduction. When can we expect the first shipments?
8th of 7, Oct 23 2011

       Don't fall for it, Borgy. This is clearly a ploy to curry favor with the collective, no doubt in preparation for some upcoming scheme.
Alterother, Oct 23 2011

       I can have them delivered in 5-7 days via UPS (ground, free of charge), 2-3 days via FedEx (air/ground, costs 9.99), or overnight via C-130 Custardship (airlifted right to your backyard, fully palletized, costs 199.99 and you must authorize your digital signature on an accuracy waiver).
21 Quest, Oct 23 2011


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