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Karmic Mosquito Trap

Bug zapper for Buddists
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With West-Nile, Malaria, Dengue, etc.on the rise, I need to protect my family from flying biting bugs. However, the vast majority of such creatures are harmless, and I lament their unnecessary passing on the bug zapper.

Instead, why not attach a circular UV tube around a powerful ventilation fan? Insects are attracted from across the room and most are blown harmlessly out the vent.

FloridaManatee, Sep 03 2003


       Was she always sucking on you ear in the middle of the night, too?
Cedar Park, Sep 04 2003

       Why not keep a balloon of human blood warmed at 37.4C in a circle of infra red light and emitting carbon dioxide vapours. Mosquitos can have their fill and need not bother you!!
karamus, Sep 04 2003

       Why not keep a balloon of human blood warmed at 37.4C in a circle of infra red light and emitting carbon dioxide vapours. Mosquitos can have their fill and need not bother you!!   

       Karamus, India
karamus, Sep 04 2003

       [karamus]: If you go through all the trouble of attracting them, you might as well electrocute them.   

       BTW, I wouldn't want a CO2 generator in my house. Something about poisonous or something...   

       I'd think twice about your idea. (literally).
Cedar Park, Sep 04 2003

       Yes, I thought of using a mosquito magnet with a trap and release system, but CO2, heat and insect pheremones would probably attract every mosquito in the neighbourhood to my house. Plus it wouldn't catch flies.   

       The UV lamp and vent idea is simpler, cheaper and safer.
FloridaManatee, Sep 04 2003

       Are they like my son and abhor soap and water?
FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2003

       What if the mosquito pops the balloon? Blood everywhere - I hate it when that happens.
thumbwax, Sep 04 2003

       //a mosquito... according to the Buddhist monk//   

       I doubt it - it takes a lot of bad karma to slip that far in the wheel of life - I wonder how much bad karma your monk has accumulated for giving out bad advice?
FloridaManatee, Sep 04 2003

       is it possible to hypnotise them and *suggest* they leave.
po, Sep 04 2003

       //she used to pinch my cheeks a lot//

That's because they' were so chubby and cute. I bet you were just a little darling and a right charmer when you were a kid. Ahhh! I wonder what went wrong.
DrBob, Sep 04 2003

       ... and don't you think someone ought to warn UnaBaby - hope she's doing OK btw.
PeterSilly, Sep 04 2003

       Many halfbakers probably already know this, but for those who don't, outdoor bug "zappers" that attract bugs by UV light typically do not attract biting insects like mosquitoes, but instead attract mostly the type of insects that most people aren't too worried about, and which otherwise would provide food and pollination to the local ecosystem. They also can attract and kill insects that prey on mosquitoes. To attract mosquitoes, you generally need CO2.
beauxeault, Sep 04 2003

       I wonder what Amos Kito has to say about this.
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 04 2003

       //Kito has to say//   

       This idea lured me in. +
Amos Kito, Sep 04 2003

       //hypnotise them and *suggest* they leave//
George Carlin once suggested the idea of a humane roach spray. "It doesn't kill them, it just fills them with self-doubt as to whether or not they are in the right house."
krelnik, Sep 04 2003

       I'd rather have a colony of domesticated bats.
Don Quixote, Sep 04 2003

       //I'd rather have a colony of domesticated bats.//   

       <Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz> <flap> <flap> <flap> <flap> <flap> <schlooorck> <fphut> <fphut> <Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz>   

       Didn't make it through the fan.
FloridaManatee, Sep 05 2003

       //I was contemplating posting an idea for "Spider Chain Gangs" to deal with our squito over population.// Why "Chain Gangs"?
snakefreak, Oct 22 2003

       For those of us who aren't buddists, can we just use insecticide on the little bastards?
snakefreak, Oct 22 2003

       Bah! I say kill 'em before they can bite anyone else or come back for more!   

       Of course, I'm biased because I seem to be particularly tasty to the little buggers.
beland, Oct 22 2003

       i know what you mean. they se me like a tasty sack of blood. mabye they like a certain blood type.
snakefreak, Oct 23 2003

       Instead of using expensive and bulky devices to produce CO2, couldn't you simply open a beer bottle or soda to emit the CO2?   

       So beside placing the UV lamp by the fan, why not also place a nice bottle of beer for the thirsty mosquito?
wisewhiskers, Nov 28 2003


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