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Wash on insect repellant everyday...never forget!
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Insect repellent built into soap. When you wash with it, you are protected with insecticide.

Could also be used for sunscreen, or other skin needs.

pedalpete, Sep 15 2003

All-Over, All-Day, Wash-On, Waterproof Sunblock http://www.halfbake...terproof_20Sunblock
sunscreen version by [XSarenkaX] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       [re] Do some genetic engineering to make a DEET producing type of garlic. That way it also keeps off vampires for 24 hour protection.
kbecker, Sep 15 2003

       There already is bug repellent in some sunscreens.
snakefreak, Oct 22 2003

       And if it's soap, when you use the soap in the shower, wouldn't the insecticide be washed off?
snakefreak, Oct 22 2003

       If you soap too much, this will damage your skin, and attract mosquitoes.
Marcho, Jun 14 2004


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