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Cat Oven Alarm

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This is an alarm system that is capable of detecting the presence of a pet cat in the over.

an rf beacon snaps onto the pet identification collar. This beacon is also part sensor capable of reporting temperature. A heat tolerant rf sensor is placed inside the oven and this connects via radio to an internet enabled alarm radio.

If your cat enters the oven and remains for longer than 60 seconds the alarm will sound. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow (user able to specify length of time) If the cat remains in the oven longer than say 1/2 hour at a high temperature, say 350 degrees the system can be pre-programmed to phone a list of friends over that might be interested in a delicious cat dinner.

vfrackis, Nov 19 2012

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       Suggested category: Pet:Cat:Food.   


       There will be a 'mute' option on the alarm, won't there?
8th of 7, Nov 19 2012

       Based on what I've heard (WWII PT boat stranded on an island report) cat is very gamy, and the "delicious cat dinner" part is an oxymoron.   

       And, as usual, if you can't get out of the "product:general" category, then you need to learn to play the game, or admit that you cannot.
normzone, Nov 19 2012

       Is there really a market for this? My Dad owns two veterinary practices, and while we see a fair number of 'fan belt cats', a few 'woodstove cats' every winter, and even the occasional 'clothes dryer cat', I can't recall ever hearing about an 'oven cat'. Who leaves the oven door open long enough for a cat to climb in there?
Alterother, Nov 19 2012

       Frisco thinks this idea might be better equipped to handle dogs. Big, slow, lumbering dogs, that are dull and dumb enough, to crawl into an oven, just for a place to rest. Cats, he tells me, are far too crafty and quick to get stuck in the oven. Thought you might appreciate the perspective of a REAL CAT. MEOW.
blissmiss, Nov 19 2012

       [8th] Can we interest you in the phase cancelling model?
spidermother, Nov 19 2012

       You said // a pet cat in the over//. That's all.
xandram, Nov 19 2012

       Would have been really useful to me (well, to my wife)(and to Simba, RIP) about three weeks ago. Stupid (it fit better than his real name) managed to slip past on wifey's blind side, becoming a front-loaded washing-machine cat. While the cat's act was entirely in character (he employed us as his lifeguards about every 20 minutes for over 2 years), the wifey was extremely traumatized.
lurch, Nov 19 2012

       I have a dog like that, only he's a pit bull, so his invulnerability to harm sort of cancels out his unfailingly consistent attempts to inflict it upon himself.   

       I'm sorry to hear about your cat. When it comes to our pets, we love even the terminally stupid ones.
Alterother, Nov 19 2012

       Normzone I submitted this from my phone, the category selection routine isn't optimized for mobile user.   

       I think that you should find someplace else to enforce your dumb rules I for one don't want to hear it.   

       There is a market for this, I was taking pans out of the oven and my cat jumped up first sat on the dirty oven door and then decided he would be more comfortable completely inside the oven, had I not seen him go in I could have closed him in there. That kind of experience would have damaged my family.
vfrackis, Nov 19 2012

Alterother, Nov 20 2012

       Why not just have motion sensors in the oven? I've seen children quite impressed with the interior. Ok, a kid will be able to scream and kick but if you have the music up and wanna preheat for a pizza without taking a second glance and they are too panicked to edge themselves out properly while you are in the next room, whamo.
daseva, Nov 21 2012

       Does the alarm sound a bit like a collapsing wavefunction?
TomP, Nov 22 2012

       [TomP] that's pretty funny. "Alert! Alert! Your cat may or may not be dead!"
phundug, Nov 24 2012

       It should resonate just like a thereminophone.
skinflaps, Nov 24 2012

       What's a thereminophone?
vfrackis, Nov 27 2012


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