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Fiber Optic Oven Light

Put the light outside the oven
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If the lamp for an oven were in a cool location, away from the oven's heat, and the light from said lamp were conveyed to the inside of the oven through a fiber optic wire, then it would be possible for the oven's lamp to be a compact fluorescent or an LED -- something not normally possible in an oven, because those types of lights are heat sensitive.
goldbb, Apr 20 2010

glowing potatos? http://www.springer...t/n246lj306n61g105/
Not quite, but making progress. [mouseposture, Apr 21 2010]


       Nice one. [+]   

       However, there is a existing piece of technology which might be utilised to provide a simpler and cheaper solution; it's called a "mirror" ...
8th of 7, Apr 20 2010

       When you say "a" mirror, do you mean an air filled tube, lined with mirrors to prevent the walls of the tube from absorbing the light?   

       I'm not necessarily against that solution, but will it be as effective at preventing the oven's heat from reaching the lamp?   

       Air is generally a better insulator than glass, but only if convection can be prevented.   

       And while air is free, and mirrors are cheap, a mirrored tube may require quite a few mirrors... plus, it will take up more bulk than an optical fiber.
goldbb, Apr 20 2010

       Would it not be simpler to just cook luminous food?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2010

       //luminous food// Feasable, probably <link> I was hoping, though, for a luminous version of shoefly pie called firefly pie.
mouseposture, Apr 21 2010

       it would never ever pay off financially or in terms of energy.
WcW, Apr 22 2010

Mustardface, Apr 22 2010

       Um, but doesn't a traditional oven lamp's Tungston filament glow at around 250 oC (500F)? {Checks URL}
Dub, Apr 22 2010

       from the perspective of the bulb it is no more than a moderately hot day. enclosures and other lighting components are designed to get very hot. A 425* oven is well within design tolerances for the bulb itself. The base and the wiring are likely much cooler, insulted from the direct heat of the element and able to radiate into the airspace of the casement.
WcW, Apr 22 2010


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