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Clothes Dryer Convection Oven?

Why do you need a convection oven when there's a laundromat down the street?
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When I got my first clothes dryer, I was so excited! "'Hoorah!" I thought, "No more schlepping a huge load of laundry down the street to a laundromat every three months!"

But it came with this puzzling gizmo...

Basically, it's this wire shelf that can attach to the rear of the drum compartment -- a part that didn't go round and round. I guess you lay yours sweaters flat and dry them so they don't get all mishappen. Or maybe so you put your canvas tennies on there not wake the baby. I suppose the possibilities are endless, but none was altogether compelling.



So why not use it to cook food? If those pro machines at the laundromat can scorch my jeans, they can certainly get hot enough to bake a cake! or steam asparagus. Or dehydrate... whatever it is that one dehydrates. Surely this will be the next wave in dual-purpose appliances. Alas, I looked online for recipes, but couldn't find any.

At least not yet, anyway!

hookom, Apr 02 2004


       Mmm.... dryer sheet meat loaf....
Mr Burns, Apr 02 2004

       Hm, I guess all the parts are there. Would take some design changes though. Convection ovens circulate hot air inside the oven. Dryers pass large quantities of air through to extract the moisture released by heating. The felt and rubber used in the average residential quality dryer wouldn't hold up well at 450 degrees.   

       You're correct about the uses of the wire rack. And I'm jealous. I had to pay extra for mine even though I didn't exactly buy the cheapest machine available (which will surprise anyone that knows me).   

       Easy Off Dryer Sheets for cleaning the new gizmo?   

       Welcome to the halfbakery.
half, Apr 02 2004

       (why does [hookom] smell like onions?)
Worldgineer, Apr 02 2004

       I was about to propose a dryer that doubled as a rotisserie oven using a wire shelf that attached to part of the drum compartment that *did* rotate. My idea is sufficiently redundant, so a bun to you. [+]
ed, Sep 13 2009

       I'm gonna have to bone this one. Thing about food is it's messy and smelly, last thing you want is pulling out your toasty warm clothes and discovering they smell like salmon...
Eggplant, Sep 14 2009

       clothing that smells like food ? [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 14 2009


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