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Karaoke Movie

When you and your friends know a movie all too well.
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A movie (probably on DVD, but I'm sure I'm behind the times) with sound effects and music, but no voices.

Advanced versions would let a user remove the dialog of only certain characters.

centauri, Jul 25 2000

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music http://www.singalon...bin/information.cgi
Subtitles. ".. and yieu and yieu and yieu!" [rmutt, Jul 25 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Duets (2000) http://us.imdb.com/Details?0134630
Karaoke in the movies... [dgeiser13, Jul 25 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Movieoke http://www.guardian.../0,,1239522,00.html
Do you feel lucky? [imaginality, Sep 23 2006]

Movieoke http://www.movieoke.net
A movieoke bar [imaginality, Sep 23 2006]

Videoke http://www.original...downtown/frames.asp
great movie house in Austin, TX [pigtails_and_ponies, Sep 23 2006]

"Have I got news for you". BBC. http://en.wikipedia..._I_Got_News_For_You
[Ling, Sep 24 2006]


       I think it would be better to make a movie about the life of a karaoke singer and the hard knocks of life on the karaoke circuit. You could even have a final scene where he sings some moving song -- and doesn't mess up most of the lyrics.
phunklerot, Aug 25 2000

       My Girlfiend and I are sad enough to have done this already....Choose the soundtrack music only option on some DVDs (E.G. Blade and Matrix) and you get no dialogue but still get the music. Still no sound affectes though. We sat through the whole of Blade doing this the other day...sad, so sad. We have no lives.
Haemavore, Sep 21 2000

       There's been a karaoke movie in theaters for years. It's called "Rocky Horror."
BobStCul, Oct 12 2000

       If it were a musical, I think I'd prefer to have the original dialog with the karaoke part for the songs. Then the whole family could divvy up the parts and Uncle Norman's voice could be coming out of Julie Andrews' rosebud mouth. Lots of hoots there.
juliec2, Jan 08 2001

       You can do this on the Region 4 version of Pulp Fiction, as there is an isolated music/sound effects track.   

       Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea not to bother with subtitles, so it would be recommended to have the script around to get the "Ezekiel" speech correct.
mrkillboy, Jan 09 2001

       I just added a link for Duets an actual movie about Karaoke. I love the snippet in the Plot Outline section, "A professional karaoke hustler reconnects with his daughter and a bored suburban businessman turns outlaw karaoke singer..."   

       Professional Karaoke Hustler? Who would have guessed such a thing existed?
dgeiser13, Jan 26 2001

       //Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea not to bother with subtitles, so it would be recommended to have the script around to get the "Ezekiel" speech correct.//   

       Have you tried turning on your TV's "Closed Caption" (or local equivalent) decoder? At least in the U.S. even DVD's which don't have subtitles are often closed-captioned; I don't know whether U.K. DVD's do likewise (teletext channel 888 or whatever)?
supercat, Jun 25 2001

       According to the Official DVD FAQ, PAL teletext closed captions are not support on DVD. Assuming because the captions are carried on the teletext stream rather than encoded into the video signal.   

       Always wondered why that rental VHS copy of Cruel Intentions had a closed captioned symbol on the back.
mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001

       Some films have a reputation for being so treacly (such as the Sound of Music--yecch!), they might invite people to come up with their own obscene lyrics. Theater owners might come up with contests to see who could do the most outrageous lyrics--sort of a cinema version of the now-defunct Dysfunctional Family Circus website. That could be lots of fun.
JoeBader1, Sep 26 2001

       karaoke is the great equilizer
DesertFox, May 16 2004

       + I can't believe it's not baked. (butter).   

       Say hello to my little friend!
Zimmy, Sep 23 2006

       Great idea. [+]   

       It's also been baked by some bars in the US (and one in Edinburgh, I think) - you can act out popular scenes from movies (see link).
imaginality, Sep 23 2006

       Oh! You know what would be really fun? Comming up with alternate words or voices that change the meaning of the scene in humorous ways. Sort of like some of the scenes in "Rock Horror" where the crowd says things inbetween the actors dialog that changes the meaning of what they say. [+]
James Newton, Sep 24 2006

       Kung Pow and Drunken Master [My Girlfiend and I are sad enough to have done this already]
normzone, Sep 24 2006

       "Have I got news for you" Link.
Ling, Sep 24 2006


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