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Cat Urine Diet

Surround Your Food Supply With Cat Pee
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Cat urine smells terrible. And that smell is unappetizing. Now, if we were to smear cat urine all over the floor and possibly walls of our pantries, until it were to reek of cat urine, I feel as though we would all cut down on snacking, and only eat when we are truly hungry.

Cat urine, of course, would come from my disobedient cat, who likes to urinate in my pantry. I would gladly put this cat up for rent if such a diet were proved effective.

CaptainDowns, Jan 15 2011


       Where's [UrineForATreat] when you need him/her?   

       I think you would not notice it anymore. I conclude this from experience with some people who seem to have undertaken the experiment you describe, yet remain fat and sassy.   

       8th of 7 may have some recommendations for cat management.
bungston, Jan 15 2011

       I'm pretty sure cat pee would also deter mice.
nineteenthly, Jan 15 2011

       Poor kitties can't help that their pee smells god awful. Maybe if we all loved them more, or fed them better, or gave them tastier water to eliminate, well...maybe then things would change for the cats in the world.
blissmiss, Jan 15 2011

       // recommendations for cat management //   

       Indeed we do. We recommend Cupro-Nickel full metal jacketed .30-06 as the initial "negative stimulus" for inappropriate urination, progressing to the slightly less pleasant 12-gauge solid slug for a second offence (if any).   

       // can't help that their pee smells god awful //   

       Oh, but cyanoacrillate adhesive is such a versatile compound .... you'd be amazed how well it adheres to mammalian tissue ...   

       // things would change for the cats in the world //   

       Yes, they would. For instance, children would ask, "What were cats like ?"
8th of 7, Jan 15 2011

       For me, the slightest piece of cat hair/fluff in my eyes will send me into a sneezing fit for a couple of hours, any system that does not produce a puff of cat fur is acceptable.
Ling, Jan 16 2011

       Sadly we have no cats due to the potential allergy problem from potential clients. However, you've made me wonder if we could benefit from feline urine in other ways without setting people off.
nineteenthly, Jan 16 2011

       // Sadly we have no cats //   

       Err ... Ok, we understand the individual words, but the overall concept expressed is incomprehensible.   

       "Sadly we have no beer" makes sense. Likewise, "Happily we have no cats" also makes sense.   

       But "Sadly we have no cats" ? Do you mean, "Sadly we have no cats left to shoot at" ?
8th of 7, Jan 16 2011

       Sadly we have no quolls.
nineteenthly, Jan 16 2011

       Reminds me of my "eat a cigarette everytime you crave one" quit smoking plan.
normzone, Jan 17 2011


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