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Craven Impulses

The Immuno Diet
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It's happened to many of us: we eat a favorite dish and get violently sick. Perhaps the meat wasn't cooked through, perhaps the vegetables weren't washed adequately. Whatever the reason, the smell and taste of our formerly favorite dish is now associated with a bad case of stomach upset, and we're reluctant, and sometimes even unable, to partake in it anymore.

Craven Impulses takes a page out of the diet product by mail book but takes it a step further. Specify the foods you crave: chocolate, sushi, bread, ice cream, whatever -- and an unspecified, random sampling of the product we send back will be contaminated -- not enough to die from food poisoning or kidney failure -- but enough to make you sick enough you never eat chocolate again. And the key is, you never know which sample or which day it comes, so eating any piece fills you with trepidation.

Say hello to your new thin look!

theircompetitor, Feb 01 2014


       It would be better to include a poison rather than actual bacteria.   

       The service should include a full four month's food, and randomly, mildly contaminate samples of the more calorical foods.
Voice, Feb 01 2014

       It would be more effective if they snuck into your house and contaminated parts of your personal supply.
erenjay, Feb 02 2014

       Baked by KFC.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2014

       For me it was actually baked by Burger King, haven't tasted a Whopper since.
theircompetitor, Feb 03 2014

       If you should happen to go an extended period (say, a month or so) without eating, don't make your first meal back something you were craving. Your taste buds may be maladjusted and lie to you, with results similar to this idea.
lurch, Feb 03 2014

       Use 1 ( 800 ) EAT SLOP as your new business phone ?
popbottle, Feb 04 2014

       It's particularly the vomiting after ingestion which puts you off the food or drink, rather than the other intestinal illness. This is thought to be an evolved response.   

       It would be straightforward - indeed, probably easier and safer - to incorporate an emetic rather than a pathogen.
Loris, Feb 04 2014

       ha, that would be great. Can you imagine if Big Mac packaging had to include pictures of obese people?
theircompetitor, Feb 05 2014


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