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diabetes prophet app

tells you when you'll need to take what and when
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Rather than asking you to just record your glucose levels and your insulin injections (and carbs) it tells you when it wants you to enter measurments, and which measurements to take, and then it gives you advice of when and what you should do: When and what to eat, when to excersize etc.

Of course this runs correctly after a week's setup run.

You don't have to do any math of any sort. Just show it what you prepare to eat today. It gets that information from you in a conversation, during setup asking you questions like: You can have a slice of bread during lunch or supper or both. Which do you want. Bread for lunch only? For supper only? Or bread for both lunch and supper?

After its set up it could ask you if tonight you want the meal with bread or not. You can even say that youre at a party and want a one time bite of ice cream.

It will tell you the consequences and what you need to do if you decide to go forward with that.

These are just examples.

pashute, Nov 19 2020


       Does this not already exist somewhere ?   

       If not, [+].   

       Either way, not exactly halfbaked.   

       If you wanted to make it halfbaked, the "prophet" would have to be some bearded guy in a robe, with an intense and slightly deranged expression and serious personal hygiene issues, who followed you round everywhere ...   

       ... or an avatar thereof.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2020

       I use Glucose Buddy. It shows you the current trends (similar to everything else that's out there now). But does not give you advice that will CREATE the trends. Which of course are part trial and error. But I want it to suggest WHAT I should try, and HOW I should err, if necessary.   

       The frustration with Glucose Buddy and its likes, is what made me write this idea.
pashute, Nov 29 2020


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