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Cat phone finder

Where’s my phone kitty?
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Simple. You lose your phone. Call your phone and activate the Kitty-Hears™ cell phone finding cat attracting cell phone ringer. Once activated the phone begins to vibrate and make mouse noises. This also deactivates VM and lets the phone ’ring’ as long as you need. The sounds of mice squeaking, alluring the feline to assist in your time of need. You lost your cell phone, in that one room, but you can ’t find it. Now there’s a solution
evilpenguin, Aug 26 2007

death metal ring tone http://www.youtube....watch?v=-PblyCJ5ZzQ
cat will eat your phone [jaksplat, Aug 26 2007]


normzone, Aug 26 2007

       Why is my phone covered in bite marks?
wagster, Aug 26 2007

       Genius - but why not simply buy a cat? - When you loose your phone, call it up but start watching the cat's ears just before you dial the last digit of your mobile from your land-line (or vice verse) - The cat's ears will indicate direction, and the strength of response will give a rough indication of distance (if it jumps straight up, you'll know it was sleeping on it)
Dub, Aug 26 2007

       [Dub] I have a cat already. This design is to find your phone when it's really really lost, say inside the workings of your reclining clair. With this the cat can lead you directly to where it is. (also good for under the bed)
evilpenguin, Aug 26 2007

       but will the cat retrieve? I think not.
dentworth, Aug 26 2007

       [pedantic peave] Hey, [Dub], when I loose my phone, I can never figure out how to tight it. [/pedantic peave]
globaltourniquet, Aug 26 2007

       What would be more F**king useful would be a phone link to the collar of a missing Kat. When we get lost or trapped in some godawful shed without food for a month it would be great if caring owners like JonGeologistic could find us with a ringtone or somthing
The Kat, Aug 26 2007

squeak, Aug 29 2007

       <ponders Bat-Phone Finder for absent-minded superheroes>
pertinax, Aug 29 2007

       lets get real, what we really need is a cat that is a phone. then make the squeeks yourself with your portable squeek machine. then you have a dog that finds your squeeker when its triggered to emit cat sounds. the cellu-lupus-squeekus method
chickenninja, Aug 29 2007

       How 'bout you make your phone part of your cat's collar.... Then you can talk to your evil friends while evilly stroking your cat.... And the cat's bed can be a charger for the phone.... And the cat would run in circles when the phone rang! Your friend says "I called you, but you weren't home", you say "Oh, I was home. I couldn't catch my cat.", your friend wonders in silence....
TahuNuva, Nov 01 2007

       I'm just afraid I'ed find my cat with a streched out bung hole and my cell phone burried in the litter box!h
Hirudinea, Jun 17 2009


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