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Brain to brain wireless interface.
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See what your pet sees, hear what it hears, have access to all its senses.

Know what it thinks and even control its body like your own if you want.

Granted that last seems a little unlikely without artificial nerve shunts to cut (redirect) it's own motor signals out of the loop, something we've not found a technology for yet, but never let it be said we aren't willing to indulge in a little hyperbole in the interest of sales, particularly not in front of our shareholders.

Seems like a natural extension of Musk's Neuralink to us here at EverPet (previously branded as PermaPet), we're really excited by the prospects & are offering it as an optional extra with our bespoke pets.

Your pet will be fitted with a bidirectional Neurolink (as will you), the two hooked together by Bluetooth through your mobile phone & one worn on your pets collar.

Software your end allows you to control functionality (who gets sent what by who).

We're very excited by the potential for law enforcement.

Imagine a police dog handler who knows exactly what his dog is smelling.

OK so we don't really know how much functionality you might actually get.

But we've never let that stop us.

And we know some of you will buy it anyway :)

Skewed, Sep 03 2021

Neuralink https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuralink
[Skewed, Sep 03 2021]

Musk's brain chip presentation https://www.youtube...watch?v=CLUWDLKAF1M
[Skewed, Sep 03 2021]

Monkey MindPong https://www.youtube...watch?v=rsCul1sp4hQ
[Skewed, Sep 03 2021]

Human Pups https://www.theguar...en-who-live-as-dogs
Apparently not the same as Furry-ism. [Frankx, Sep 05 2021]

Fluke (novel) https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Fluke_(novel)
A man wakes up as a dog. [Frankx, Sep 05 2021]


       We're very excited about the potential for law breakage. "I have no idea why a squirrel would just grab my wallet and keys and run..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2021

       "Now I am become theft (Hermes?), the stealer of wallets"
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       So you put one end of the leash around your own neck, and hold the other end in your hand?   

       You get to give yourselves treats if you correctly obey your own commands?
pocmloc, Sep 04 2021

       Ignore the above, I hadn't read the idea. But now I am concerned about the //bidirectional// link. You could find yourself chasing rabbits and squirrels all day and trying to lick your own bum, instead of working.
pocmloc, Sep 04 2021

       Yes, the legal disclaimers are going to be a bit of a challenge, but we're working on them.
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       Well, there is the stinky habit that dogs have of going straight for each other's butts to sniff out their, well you know.   

       Not to mention the way cats sniff their pooty right before covering it with litter.   

       I'm guessing you would program your preferences and/or "don't even go there" sensory experiences.
blissmiss, Sep 04 2021

       Would you be training your own brain to adjust to these input also? I'm a bit leary of sniffing new co- worker's butts on my first day at a new job...
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2021

       Brain plasticity? that'd be half the fun I think, seeing what your own brain makes of it on its own.   

       But you should be able to 'sculpt' the experience, map your own brains response to different smells as well as the pets & route the signal for a particular smell from its brain into the appropriate part of yours for the smell you want.   

       It smells dead mouse, your brain tells you vanilla.
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       And your boss tells you to get out.
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2021

       Well obviously you should try to remember not to lick any vanilla you didn't smell with your own nose, as long as you do that.. or should that be don't do that?.. you should be fine with your boss.   

       Particularly if it's mouse shaped.
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       [Sorry for the edit [Ray] it was a little too gross b4 the mouse died, your anno still works & my reply is less foul] :)
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       Well, there appear to be people who are very into this kind of thing [link]   

       Then there’s Fluke, by James Herbert [link]   

       It’s a nice idea. I think I’d most like to try it with a wild animal - a dolphin or an eagle perhaps.   

       Then again, what I’d really like is to experience what an animal thinks, rather than what it senses.   

       Does it scale? What does an ant think? A blue whale? An earthworm?
Frankx, Sep 05 2021

       //what I’d really like is to experience what an animal thinks//   

       What the brain is doing, & hence what it 'thinks', is essentially what Neurolink is about.   

       Depends on which areas you drop the wires into of course, only do the visual cortex you'll only get what it makes of visual stimuli, the bits that handle reasoning & you get them too.   

       So with enough wires stitched in (& within the limits of your brains plasticity & ability to translate the information it gets from them) you should be covered there [Frankx] .. maybe.   

       //A blue whale// Presents no special problems other than signal transmission when submerged.   

       //An earthworm// Anything really small will be a challenge, how will it carry it's mobile phone?
Skewed, Sep 05 2021

       I don't know if reading the 100 micron axon will be enough.   

       Neuralink 1500 wires 4-6 micron widths, nerve cells also have 5-7 biological wire dendrites at 2 microns. There's still a bit of missing data to fill in. Still might possibly be inferred from the overview, though.   

       Then again, it's all down to how the brain has formed it's relationship with the outside and encoded the held model.   

       Butt smells as colours or music might be ok.
wjt, Sep 08 2021


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