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dog doo dye

harmless fluorescent dye added to your dogs food
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the reason for this? If you have two dogs, that are the same size,you need to know which dog to hit with a newspaper, and yell at. also, If somone falsly accuses you of letting your dog do his business on their lawn, you can take your portable black light, and prove that is not your's, and you demand an apology. You can clean up your back yard at night with a black light, and you won't miss any, kid love finding the glowing nuggets. when camping, you can avoid stepping in dog poo. you can also use the dye to mark rocks, and stumps that you might trip over at night.
cornpad, Jan 06 2008

Luminous Dog Shit Luminous_20Dog_20Shit
by Mickey The Fish. Less poetically titled. [calum, Jan 06 2008]


       If dogs urine glowed, so would many lamposts and building corners. If you had glowing urine, When you write your name in the snow it would glow in the dark.   


       A strobing black light and you can pretend your in Vegas in the snow.
popbottle, Mar 07 2015


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