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Cigarette Air-Bags

An overdue safety device
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Cigarettes that, when lit, cause a large air bag to explode out of the user's end (of the cigarette, that is), effectively preventing him/her from smoking.
Ander, Jul 26 2000


       How about ones that go around the other end of the cigarette, effectively preventing his/her neighbors from smoking? (How much air would such a bag have to hold? Could it just be a filter?)
bookworm, Jul 30 2000

       I would have too much fun with these things... I would rig up a little Piezo-electric device in a "gun" shape and bludgeon non-smokers with the airbags and cover them in that mildly toxic dust that comes out of them. This idea would be dangerous. I'm already approaching a $4-pack/day clove habit. Adding "Safety Cigs" to the cart would bankrupt me.   

       But it would be fun to hurt non-smokers with something other than cigarette smoke.
bear, Aug 07 2000

       I think there might be a problem here. If the air bag comes out of the filter end, the only place it can go is into the smoker's mouth.   

       Adjust the pressure incorrectly and the smoker's head would explode. Cute.
BigThor, Aug 26 2000

       Having your head explode is much less damaging to your health than a cigarette.
15420, Nov 28 2002

Ander, May 08 2003


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