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Catapult the dead to entertain the living!
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Screw the casket, forget the funeral they're just so expensive! Use my patented 'Corpse launcher' guarenteed to send your loved one to heaven faster than GOD! $50 per hour! -Matt
rabid_peacock, Jun 08 2001

(?) Zoarostrian Corpse Disposal http://www.cais-soa...ary_laws_part_i.htm
A right riveting read!! [dare99, Dec 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Sorry RP, but this would quickly get far too messy. Who is going to walk downrange to sift through the body parts and fluids to retreive loved ones? If they're getting an hour of launching this would suggest multiple firings. This was handy in the middle ages for spreading disease into enemy castles but I think the EPA will have serious issues with it (not to mention any neighbors that are downwind). Basically baked.
Reverend D, Jun 08 2001

       I'm sure it would take more than a trebuchet to get people's corpses to heaven. Interesting idea, however
embalmer101, Dec 04 2001

       Could have the same problems as those who live around Zoarostrian final resting places. They have the bodies of the dead consumed by vultures. People living around the area find scraps of corpse dropped in their gardens!
dare99, Dec 04 2001

       "...Burial at sea for those who can't afford to rent a boat..."
phoenix, Dec 04 2001

       A great form of revenge for for those that lived life afraid of flying and/or heights.   

       Bah Bye!
Ala, Jan 14 2002

       Isn't this a take on the Eddie Izzard skit ending with "Slowly wank along ... and... TWANG him into a tree!".   

       Very funny.
Seaneeboy, Apr 03 2003


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