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Catch a laser beam with a parabola
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A fixed laser beam is pointed into a perfect parabolic reflector. The beam will then hit the focus of the parabola which will be another parabolic reflector angled to catch the beam.

In a vacuum, would this catch the beam indefinitely? Could you then turn off the laser with the beam bouncing between the two reflectors?

I can think of tons of applications.

Holeinmysock, Aug 15 2007


       This is doomed by a number of physical phenomenon. I will try to find the idea with all the discussion on this topic.
jhomrighaus, Aug 15 2007

       I've heard of spinning mercury into a perfect parabolic reflector for extremely precise telescopes.
Holeinmysock, Aug 15 2007

       You will heat the parabola (the beam will excite its atoms)
marklar, Aug 15 2007

       It was the moon mirrors idea, linked. The main failing there was beam divergence, and the discussion centered on why this occurs. I think it would be applicable here too.
bungston, Aug 15 2007

       //I can think of tons of applications.//
Maybe you could share just a few ounces?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 15 2007

       "Yo Abs, I bet you this diabetic schnauzer that you wont put your hand between these parabolic reflectors!"   

       "You're on, Bungs..... heh! That laser had no energy left! Barely took the hair off."   

       "mmm. I read they were perfect reflectors. Well, fine. Don't forget to give him his insulin shots."   

       By the way, it was not the moon mirrors idea. It was something to do with pinball, I think. Yes, Solar System Pinball, by the same author. It has been deleted, I suspect in a fit of pique, or maybe ague. One of those fits. Too bad because it did have good discussion.
bungston, Aug 15 2007


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