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Composite Blackhole

Who will get to the bottom of it?
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Well, by now everyone should be completely satisfied that waves and stuff propagate between parallel universes in the Multiverse. Right? <<ahem>> ..I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answer. <<mumble>> Oh I see, it’s not merely you’re dubious, you don’t like quack theoretical stuff- << where’s the invention? >>you mutter

Hey- I’ve looked into patents and it turns out all sorts of abstract things can be patented (obviously it helps if you know the guys in USPTO to bribe) from “pathways”, grey areas, relationships.. what you may call an invention has gotten quite broad..

Not so long ago someone actually patented the BRACA1 cancer gene, which many would say nature had prior claim to. . This was horrible for the guy who picked up a whopping BRACA1-style cancer on his lower lip the next day: not only did he have cancer, he was fined for operating a BRACA1 gene factory without a license. To cut a long story short, bailiffs were sent in with scalpels, the factory was removed from his lower lip, and the fine was lifted. happy (ish) ending .

(Until the cancer came back bigger on the guy’s left ear. But by this time the patent had sadly been overturned. No more bailiffs with scalpels. He had to pay full whack to MoneyMed USA to have it removed. ) But I digress..

The point is, you can probably now patent nearly anything, including a “pathway” - which is what this is. A slightly iffy invention. In the right place for it.

Here we imagine a super-massive black hole in one universe of the multiverse, in superposition with an infinity of other similar black holes, all of which are infinitesimally smaller in turn than each other, and nested inside one another, across universes. This creates a ‘composite’ black hole, or really just one a massive ball of event horizons, like onion layers, and ne’er a singularity to be seen.

But only, of course, if you follow a rather ‘unlikely’ flow of spacetime/stuff into the first event horizon, side-hop into the next universe, straight into the next horizon, side-hop into the next universe. Then into the next event horizon..And so on add Infinitum. This is the “pathway” I mentioned. And what the hell are the chances you end up on THAT?

Fortunately the anthropic principle takes care of that little issue, (as it can be relied on to do in these matters. ) Assuming being on that pathway is a pre-requisite for existing in the present moment, you MUST be on that pathway. I can’t speak for any following moment. Probably ‘you’ will end up in a raging gravitational singularity, having not made the sideways jump.

But don’t worry! Somebody who thinks he’s you will make the jump. And know nothing of raging singularities. His memory will look back unperturbed. That’s the beauty of memory and the Anthropic Principle. There is only THIS moment. (An event horizon is a perfect recording device, a truly stellar memory)

Hello, I see you’re back...I mean, I see you never went away.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea: we are all just the flow of spacetime /‘stuff’, sucked over event horizons at the speed of light, each horizon crossed representing the tick, tick, tick, of time - like still frames across the beam of a projector, for eternity. (I’m assuming each event horizon is a little different to the one before. Otherwise not much would happen). If you prefer you can think of this as event horizons propagating outward with spacetime staying still. It’s the same thing. Either way we’re going through spacetime at the speed of light. Which is relativity, right?

It so happens this model also gives quite a nice explanation for why entropy increases for us, even though it’s time- symmetric, and should increase too towards the past. But I expect I’ve warbled on enough already.

DDRopDeadly, Mar 29 2018


       Just as an aside, as far as I know, BRCA1 isn't patented, and nor is any human gene. What *is* patented (or at least patentable) is, for instance, a cancer diagnostic based on BRCA1.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2018

       I knew I wouldn’t get that past you [MB], but it was worth a try. Sometimes I prefer not to know the facts when it gets in the way of the story. Or as a Daily TabloiD Editor might have probably said to the new recruit “don’t worry, kid, it ain’t lies. This shit really is happening -somewhere.”
DDRopDeadly, Mar 29 2018

       Also, the basic criteria for patentability are novelty, utility and practicability. You can sometimes get around one of those by arm-waving and using phrases like "long-felt and unmet need", but I think you're stretching it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2018

       Damn, that would seem to be correct. Does it include my own ‘long felt and unmet needs? ‘I expect not. Time to emigrate for as ee cummimgs said ‘there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go ‘
DDRopDeadly, Mar 29 2018

       //we’re going through spacetime at the speed of light//   

       That would explain why you're hard to follow.
pertinax, Mar 29 2018


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