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Clip-on Miniature Chins for Extra Antenna Range
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Try this (No Joke):

Take your car alarm keychain disarmer thingy, and go just out of range, then put it under your chin and it will work. In fact it seems you can (for whatever seemingly mysterious reason) get about 30% more range out of your car-alarm-door-locker if you simply touch it to the underside of your chin, and use your chin as an antenna.

Amazingly your chin works well as an antenna, but your armpit (or alas, other unmentionable body parts) do not work.

Conclusion: There is something very special about your chin that magnifies signals.

The idea then, is to make miniature clip-on chin antenna toppers that would add significant extra range to your car-alarm-activator/cell phone/car stereo...whatever you clip them on.

ShawnBob, Apr 09 2010

[DrWorm]'s Cell Phone Chintenna http://thumb7.shutt...e-call-38816083.jpg
Copyrighted prototype. [jurist, Apr 09 2010]


       unnecessary, silly looking, uncomfortable. +
dentworth, Apr 09 2010

       Does this require that you have fillings in your teeth?
swimswim, Apr 09 2010

       hehe love the title! +
xandram, Apr 09 2010

       Ludicrous, humiliating, impractical.   

8th of 7, Apr 09 2010

       I thought this was gonna involve hiding a broadcast tower inside Jay Leno's chin....
senatorjam, Apr 09 2010

       This only works with ultrasonic remotes, not RF. Touching it to your chin *and* opening your mouth in the direction of your car uses your jaws and mouth as a resonant chamber to amplify and direct the sound waves like a megaphone - which is what they evolved to do as part of your voice system anyway.
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 09 2010

       I'm still trying to figure out how silly, [ShawnBob] looked, trying to get this to work with all those other "unmentionable", mentioned body parts. The neighbors must have thought him quite whacked.
blissmiss, Apr 09 2010

       Research at its finest (+)   

       I checked out this idea just because of the exclamation mark (shallow, I know). Glad I wasn't disappointed.   

       Chin chin!
wagster, Apr 09 2010

       desireable genetic trait for the 21st century: parabolic skulls.
FlyingToaster, Apr 09 2010

       Why not just have a dead relative's actual jawbone crafted into a clip-on accesory for your key? It would become a valuable family heirloom, passed down through the generations.
DrWorm, Apr 09 2010

       //Why not just have a dead relative's actual jawbone //...<link>
jurist, Apr 09 2010

       Would I have to remove my tinfoil hat?
mouseposture, Apr 10 2010

       An umbrella probably works, too
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 10 2010

       Oh...the neighbors already know I'm whacked blissmiss.
ShawnBob, Apr 10 2010

       I hate to be the wet blanket, but:   

       Could it be the elevation increasing the range?
MikeD, Apr 10 2010


       I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I tried just holding my hand in the air and clicking.   

       You are welcome to go out and try it. It's an easy enough experiment to do the next time you are in a parking lot.   

       I'm not entirely sure why your chin works yet, although I have a few half-baked theories.
ShawnBob, Apr 10 2010


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