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Computer: Pyrotechnics

New category suggestion
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8th of 7, Jul 18 2010


       Are there several ideas in currently crowded categories that you could suggest should go in this new category?
hippo, Jul 18 2010

       You mean setting computers on fire? Or using computer circuitry to time fires? Or using faulty computers to start fires? Or using fires to perform computations?   

       I'm pretty sure you mean the second one, but Really man, isn't this baked like a thousand times a day over? Where's the untapped ideas necessary for an entire halfbakery category? I'm missing something here.   

       I understand a category like home:kitchen. This represents the set of halfbaked ideas that are incorporated into the kitchens of homes. In this light, your category means 'a set of ideas that are incorporated into the fires that start from computers'. Now, these fires you probably mean are the ones that are timed and controlled via computers, like at the rock and roll music shows. Not the ones that start accidentally and burn your house down at 3am.   

       In which case you're really talking about all of the known varieties of pyrotechnics to date, and since it seems like the science of pyrotechnics is mature (just seems like it, look at that crazy shit already), then the category isn't even needed. It's like saying computer:temperature control. Yea man, we got that stuff pretty much figured out already.   

       I suppose a pyrotechnic display that measured where people were and shot flames accordingly to all but singe the fringes of their dresses, now that might be a computer:pyrotechnic idea that doesn't exist yet. Damn it, I had a feeling I would talk myself into liking this one. [+]   

       Also, microbots that sail the convection currents of pyrotechnic displays and emit little lasers everywhere while they fly. Want that one too.
daseva, Jul 18 2010

       computer makers should put a self-destruct button on their offerings.   

       "Tired of having your computer destroy itself when you're not around ? Now you can have it self-destruct whenever you want"
FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2010

       Oooh, we love the smell of Croissants in the Morning ...   

       [daaseva], are you sure you've been taking your medication regularly like you promised ?
8th of 7, Jul 18 2010

       No, really 8th, I love the idea!   

       *strikes match, tosses onto keyboard
daseva, Jul 18 2010

       <proffers container of accelerant to [daseva] >
8th of 7, Jul 18 2010

       *thanks 8th with a kind handshake, douses computer in said substance, watches the flames dance to the dying music and crackling hard drive in epiphanaic delight
daseva, Jul 18 2010

       Why are we limiting it to computers?
pocmloc, Jul 18 2010


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