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Category Voting

Hey, how did my idea end up in Product: Sex Toy: Dildo?
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Users should be allowed to select a category for other people's ideas. The idea is automatically moved into the category with the most votes (including the vote of the author), and that fact should be indicated in the idea (e.g. Original Category -> New Category). Selecting Other: [general] should count as an abstention. Consequently, putting your idea in the /wrong/ category requires at least two votes to override, but being lazy and selecting /no/ category puts you at the mercy of the first Halfbaker to come across your idea (ties are broken by earliest timestamp of the tie-making vote—so even if you then go back and change the category after posting, if someone has beaten you to the punch you still lose).
ytk, Jul 30 2013


       Maybe finally wipe and flush your categorization anal retentivness.
rcarty, Jul 30 2013

       Actually (to extend your chosen metaphor), it's intended to keep folks like you from shitting all over the site.
ytk, Jul 30 2013

       we've been using [marked-for-category] ... dunno if anybody actually uses it though.   

       9/10 other:general's are there by accident not deliberate miscategorization.
FlyingToaster, Jul 30 2013

       I select Food: Ha-Ha Dangerous for this idea.
bungston, Jul 30 2013

       Your mission, should you choose to accept it;
Concoct a viable invention for which no other category besides [other: general] currently exists.

       //9/10 other:general's are there by accident not deliberate miscategorization.//   

       Why does it matter? With this idea, all of them (both the unintentional ones and the deliberate “screw all y'all, I do whut I wanna” ones can be correctly categorized. Despite the whimsical category suggestion in the subheading, I think most people will tend to vote ideas into their correct category, since most people here are capable of categorizing their ideas appropriately (and actually give a damn about doing so).   

       //I select Food: Ha-Ha Dangerous for this idea.//   

       Oh yeah, there should be an exception for ideas in the Halfbakery: group of categories (can't vote on those ideas, and can't vote for those categories).
ytk, Jul 31 2013

       Oh no, that is like someone else picking out a tie for you to wear. (esp. if you don't wear ties.)
xandram, Aug 02 2013

       Oh no, that is like someone else picking your nose.
xenzag, Aug 02 2013

xandram, Aug 02 2013


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