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some items fit in more than one category
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Should be allowed to post an idea to all the categories that apply. It would still just show up once if you're searching any other way (random, recent, by name, etc.)
mrthingy, Feb 24 2001


       Mrthingy, that's what the halfbakery started out with - but the browser interfaces for selecting multiple items from a prefabricated list put users through more confusion and suffering than could possibly have been made up for by any benefit derived from accurate multiple listings.
jutta, Feb 24 2001

       One might imagine a cross-reference UI that didn't use <SELECT MULTIPLE> tags. For example, you could have an "Add category" link.   

       It's probably not worth the complexity, though.
egnor, Feb 25 2001

       Yeah, no.
jutta, Feb 25 2001


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