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Dog Bandolier

This channel sucks. Here girl.
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No more sofa-dissassemby looking for that freaking remote. No more searching for those unused cartridges while the geese flap lazily overhead in a tight bombing pattern. And the distant chirping of your cellphone is no longer the cue for a 10-second 3-staircase assault course, you just call out, 'Here, Gussie!" and up she comes. Whereupon you undo the velcro pouch, and your handheld device is once again held in hand. Nuff said.
General Washington, Sep 21 2002


       Yeah, I fully expected it to be at least 3/4 baked. Not for indoor use, though. Couldn't find a discussion of on the bakery.
General Washington, Sep 21 2002

       Jeez. Why don't you just train your dog to answer the phone?
DrCurry, Sep 21 2002

       <Scooby answers phone>Ruh-Ro</Scooby answers phone>
thumbwax, Sep 21 2002

       How about a remote control robot dog (with bandolier) to bring you the remote control. Sony are bound to be making on of these however....WalkRemote?
hexan, Sep 23 2002

       It's not exactly a bandolier - more a sort of tiny SWAT vest - but my dog has one of these. There are pooper-scooper bags in it for when we take him for walks, plus a tiny bowl and a bottle of water - actually, a minature plastic hip-flask. It works well. There is a flashing LED beacon that clips on the back so we can see where he is in the dark.   

       Wouldn't work in the house - you could yell all evening and he'd never come .......
8th of 7, Sep 26 2002

       Christ, 8th, an LED? Doesn't he get teased by the other dogs?
<quavering adolsecent voice>"I'm new around here. Do you wanna be friends?"
"Beat it, Flash."
"Yeah, and don't come back til Christmas Eve. And only then If it's foggy."
General Washington, Sep 26 2002

       "No dawgter of mine is going to be spending time with the likes of you, you flashing freakshow!" growled Daddy Dawg
bristolz, Sep 26 2002

       <quavering adolescent Southern voice> "Ah keep seein it out corner a my eye n thankin it's a one a theym Laser Saats he got own is big ol Guns."
General Washington, Sep 26 2002

       I haven't fitted him up with a laser target designator yet, but I'm sure you'll understand that that's only a matter of time. And he doesn't get teased - other dogs - even big ones - see this appartion trundling towards them wearing what looks like a kevlar flak jacket, and tend to do a runner.
8th of 7, Sep 27 2002

       <Chihuahuas>Flak vests?! Flak vests?! Weeeeee don't need no steeenkeeng Flak vests!</Chihuahuas>
thumbwax, Sep 27 2002

       [GW] ...how often do you take your dog for a walk?
jumblebox, Sep 27 2002

       Not as often as I feed the chickens.
General Washington, Sep 27 2002

       A friend of mine trained his dog (a big retriever) to fetch him a beer from the refrigerator while he stayed on the couch watching TV. Apparently the key to this is tying a towel to the refrigerator door handle, so the dog can bite it & pull to open it.
krelnik, Nov 13 2002

       I've thought about the training the dog to fetch a beer (purely for showoff reasons, i don't drink beer), and decided that the beer would need to be in an openable-by-dog ice chest. No WAY am i teaching my dog how to get into the fridge! The one flaw i can see with this is that the dog may not be able to manage a beer bottle in their jaws. How'm i gonna show off with "Tanzi, get a beer!" if she brings back a can of Lucky Lager?!?   

       I do kinda like the dog bandolier though. My dog likes to hang out when i watch tv, so it'd be pretty handy for the remote. My first mental image was of a bandolier loaded with dachsunds...
firelynx, Jan 28 2003

       With a bit of adaptation, it would be a way of allowing a nursing bitch to carry her pups with her on a walk...... some dogs love long walks, but the pups need feeding regularly....
8th of 7, Jan 29 2003


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