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Creature Scratcher

a scratcher/massager for busy people
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At our house nothing says love like a good back scratch. But In our busy lives sometimes we can’t take the time to please our loved ones, so I have an alternative invention.

This is a floor to ceiling pole with arms extending like swing arm lamps, but at the ends of the arms are mech fingers which scratch, and can fist up and roll for a gentle massage. The arms are at heights which accommodate Sally the cat, higher for Kirby the Golden Retriever, and are at about 4 feet level for my lower back, and shoulder height for taller itcy spots. For a gentle neck rub.the fingers rotate like a shiatsu massager. Of course I would prefer to have Sven dig his fingers into my back muscles but he is not available on short notice.

Each arm is controlled by a remote control pad. There are variable speeds and arm heights. The pole is anchored by bolts to the floor and ceiling.The pressure is adjusted by the scratchee moving closer.

See Kirby demonstrate in link…

dentworth, Oct 06 2004

illustration http://picasaweb.go...5091506759810543906
[dentworth, Jul 30 2007]


       where do i put the lubricant?
benfrost, Oct 06 2004

       Lubricant? no time, too messy, may have to lube the fingers every few months though.
dentworth, Oct 06 2004

       What if the creatures prefer it to the real thing.   

       not a lot of danger in that, except my cat, who is insatiable!
dentworth, Oct 06 2004

       As a single-type person, it is horrible to end my day with stiff and aching muscles, and nobody to rub them away. I'll take one please. [+]
Klaatu, Oct 06 2004

       You'd need a safety word for the 'Xtreme' mode, I suppose ;op
yamahito, Oct 06 2004

       <Safe Word> More! </Safe Word>
gnomethang, Oct 06 2004


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