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Ceiling racers

For when you're bored but don't want to irritate people
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I had a spell in hospital recently. IF there's one experience which marks hospitals, it's waiting for things. Mostly waiting in corridors. Now, I'm a good boy generally, and I'm loathe to disturb the angels of mercy who were bustling about the place, shouting at old people and changing bedpans. But once I'd read all my books, and done all the crosswords, I looked up, and had an epiphany:

"What we need here," I thought, "is some radio controlled blimps with wheels on top, which we could race around the ceiling."

Why the wheels? Well, we don't want to get in anyone's way, do we, so we'll have to make sure the things are firmly stuck to the ceiling. But think of all those long corridors! RC drag racing down to the x-ray department and back!

moomintroll, Jul 26 2006

Wall cars http://www.firebox....=sbk&src_id=wallcar
A mere 90 degrees away from your idea [fridge duck, Jul 26 2006]


       + oh yeah! I'd use these at work.
xandram, Jul 26 2006

       Apparently, F1 cars generate so much down-force they could drive on the ceiling. I can't work out why racing tracks don't have upside-down sections to take advantage of this.
Loris, Jul 26 2006

       Hard to build strong-enough concrete, I suppose.
shapu, Jul 26 2006

       What [xandram] said. Bunorama, baby.
methinksnot, Jul 26 2006

       [Loris] that's been done here somewhere.   

       With all the signs and other stuff attached to the ceiling, it would make an interesting course. Dunno what you would do at doorways, though...+
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 27 2006

       but you might want to rethink the whole "not irritate people" requirement. Why pass up the possibility of adding the optional slime attachment?
bizcase, Jul 28 2006


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