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emergency locator for model aircraft

emergency locator for model aircraft
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Model aicraft fans are frequently distressed when their aircraft crash aand they caan not find them. The radio control transmitter./receiver on-board could be modified to emit a radio locating signal.

Jose Fernandes

jafcanada, Jun 25 2003

Air Alert­ Lost RC Aircraft Alarm http://www.hobbico....accys/hcap0335.html
An audible beacon for lost radio-controlled model aircraft. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

Custom Electronics Lost Model Alarm http://www.customel...onics.co.uk/lma.htm
Heh. They have one model of this unit called the "Extraordinarily loud version." [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

You just lay right here http://www.dvdenlar...g/fotos/misery1.jpg
and I'll find your aeroplane [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       how far do these things go? could they send up a distress flare or two?
po, Jun 25 2003

       Hmmm. An ELT/B for RC. That makes sense.   

       I do think you accidently got the category name where the idea title is supposed to go. Not sure how you managed that. Maybe we need an ELT/B for lost idea titles, too?
bristolz, Jun 25 2003

       [admin: idea renamed to match its description since I'm sure that Jose did not intend for his idea to be called 'product:toy:radio controlled']   

       Jose: I've just picked your idea description as a name, you can change it to something else by changing it on this page and hitting 'OK'.
st3f, Jun 25 2003

       If he can find it. heh
thumbwax, Jun 25 2003


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