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Cell Fang

I've got a fang...
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With cell phones getting smaller and humans looking for ways to use these smaller phones in stylish new ways. I present to you the cell fang.

It is a miniature cell phone that fits around your teeth and uses your bones conductance to emit sounds to your ears.

Now, people have a practical reason to wear fangs. You can place them in their protective case/headphone adapter for time when you need to eat.

sartep, Oct 25 2004

They Might Be Giants: I've got a fang http://www.tmbw.net...php/I've_Got_A_Fang
In case you're wondering what the subtitle is about. (It's stuck in my head, too, right next to "Bangs!" and "Ana Ng") [jutta, Oct 26 2004]

A tongue interface like this? http://www.halfbake.../idea/Tongue_20View
My older idea. [sartep, Oct 26 2004]

you can borrow this, if you want, to manipulate the buttons http://www.halfbake...ck_20tongue_20studs
[po, Oct 26 2004]

Bluetooth Warriors Bluetooth_20Warriors
Potential app [Worldgineer, Aug 27 2015]


       Will it be blue?
jutta, Oct 25 2004

       I like it. They would have to start out huge, considering the size differnce between teeth and cell phones. But then, who wants a little fang? Who knows, maybe trends will reverse themselves and people will want tusks.
Worldgineer, Oct 25 2004

       Hold on a second. Where do the buttons go?
Worldgineer, Oct 25 2004

       //Will it be blue?//   

       Of course. :)   

       //Where do the buttons go?//   

       Many cell phones are voice controlled today.
sartep, Oct 25 2004

       Someone has famously suggested a mobile phone tooth implant. While a whole lot less surgery is involved, this does not seem very different.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       One is a phone shaped in stylized prosthetics the other is an implant, you don't see a difference?
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       They're both teeth, and use bone conduction to broadcast sound. Having said that, I must say I prefer yours.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       Mine could easily be a camera phone. Yes, they are teeth but it can also come in different styles and colors. I look at it more like a type of jewlery. Much like a watch.
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       A camera phone fang? So *that's* what an eye tooth is!
Ichthus, Oct 26 2004

       I'm not sure that it can't have buttons. You know how even small imperfections on one's teeth loom large? How you can't stop running your tongue over a chipped edge or a hole that has lost its filling? Maybe there could be a special interface, based on moving a very, very small joystick with one's tongue.
jutta, Oct 26 2004

       Yup, Jutta, you got it. That's the exact song I was thinking of. Mink Car was a good cd.   

       For you, I shall make my next TMBG references more obscure, and hopefully just as relevant to the ideas as well.
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       Great idea. Extra feature: it monitors dental health. When it detects a caries it could be programmed to automatically call your dentist and leave a pre-set message asking for an appointment.
Pericles, Oct 26 2004

       Man, it's so loud in here. (clicks and scrolls down volume using tongue mouse) Better.
Worldgineer, Oct 26 2004

       //it can also come in different styles and colors// You mean "Vampire," "Toothless Hockey Player," "Major Overbite," et cetera? Cool. I'll get the one with hot pink lipstick stains on the teeth.
Machiavelli, Oct 26 2004

       It would be awful to hear eating, burping and sucking of teeth during a phone call.
Ling, Oct 26 2004

       [+] iTooth.   

       Vocoder-type filters help turn the inside-the-mouth sound into something more intelligible on the other end of the line. Bone conduction for receiving calls and listening to mp3s.   

       Customizable as to placement (as part of an existing filling, or a cap on an existing tooth(s), blended in orthodontically and cosmetically).   

       Includes a bit of pH etc. analysis for dental health and profiling generic eating habits.   

       Bluetoothable (of course) to a larger device for more convenient management functions.
FlyingToaster, Jun 24 2015

       Sadly, the trend of cell phones getting smaller reversed not long after this post. A phablet-sized tooth might be uncomfortable.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2015


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