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Cell Phone Headsets

Cell phone with integral headband
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(Possibly baked -- rmutt seems to be behind the curve on phone technology, but here goes anyway).

Cellphones are getting smaller and lighter -- some Japanese i-mode phones weigh in at less than 50 grams. This is light enough that it's not inconceivable to actually wear the entire thing on your head, like those goofy radio-headphones from the 70's. So why not put a spring clip in the back of a cellphone that will go over the top of your head, and hold it in the right position? It could even retract like a tape measure, so would only marginally affect the form factor of the phone.

rmutt, Oct 16 2000

"Hands Free Adjustable Headset" http://twitpic.com/c18rzn
Headset holds cellphone with suction cup [rmutt, Feb 06 2013]


       Ah - I actually misunderstood the original idea. That's what comes of trying to work at the same time as reading HalfBakery...
hippo, Oct 17 2000

       Why use a spring clip for a cell phone, when duct tape is so plentiful????
BigThor, Oct 21 2000

       ... or rubber bands (a bit less painful to remove)
AndyKnott, Oct 23 2000

       Juct check out anything related to "Bluetooth" on the web - You can wear your pc on your head if you give those guys enough money.
ScepticAL, Nov 27 2002


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