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Cowboy Hat Cell Phone

Reduce antenna caused hat accidents.
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Are you tired of your cell phone antenna pushing your hat off while you ride. Mount a frame in the top of your hat to hold the cell phone. A bone conduction speaker fits into the headband over one ear and a discrete noise canceling microphone mounts discreetly over your face.

Now you can ride, shoot varmints and talk at the same time, all without worrying about knocking your hat out of position.

cjacks, Oct 09 2005


       Yee hah!
RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2005

       <off subject> out of interest, I presume[cjacks] is state side.Do you really still have antennas on your mobile phones in the U.S? <off subject>   

       <On subject> a louder version of what [RayfordSteele] said.
skinflaps, Oct 10 2005

       Great idea. They got cell coverage out on the range? I'm surprised, and envious.
farble, Oct 10 2005

       You want distance? Get a bloody worthwhile antenna. Might have to stick out the back of your hat though, just stick a feather shaft over it.
cjacks, Oct 10 2005


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