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Cell Phones with Retractable Earpiece

Cell phones with permanently attached, but retractable, headset accessory.
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I have a cell phone and I have an earpiece/headset that goes along with it. I keep the phone in my pocket, and my earpiece in my purse. I like to use the earpiece occasionally, for hands-free discussions, but it's not easy to find and attach the earpiece to the phone for unexpected incoming calls, especially if I'm busy.

So, here's what I'd like to see on the market: a cell phone that has a built-in earpiece/headset accessory, which retracts all the way into the phone, with no protruding plug or wire remaining when thoroughly retracted. This is important, as I have a nicely smooth phone with no protruding antenna or other stuff sticking out to catch or break.

The end of the accessory to enter the case of the phone would be the part that goes in the ear, with case materials built onto the outer side of the earpiece speaker. To open and use, a push-button release (or even a thumbnail divet) could be incorporated into the design. To retract, I would suggest another push of the button, like with certain vacuum cleaners or clothes irons.

The cell phone would operate normally when the earpiece accessory is fully retracted, but automatically switch to headset mode upon push-button release of the earpiece from the case, making it quick and easy to use for all calls. Plus, there's no fumbling or losing the accessory.

XSarenkaX, Jan 20 2005

US patent 6,731,956 http://patft1.uspto...31956&RS=PN/6731956
Retractable cord for a mobile phone or other wireless device [xaviergisz, Jan 20 2005, last modified Jul 03 2007]


       Welcome back, [XSX]. I'd buy this. I haven't used my earpiece in years because it's in my car and though I'm often on my cell in my car I certainly won't stop to look for the earpiece.
Worldgineer, Jan 20 2005

       Thanks, [Worldgineer]. I am still unbelievably busy at work, but this brainstorm had only one outlet - the HalfBakery. I may get sucked back into the HB world again; it's addicting in here. I won't feel guilty, though, because creativity and using one's brain should be encouraged among employees, and people in general. Keeping our brains alive and creating new synapses makes us smarter and more productive. :)
XSarenkaX, Jan 21 2005

       Looks like were having a reunion...Pop!
skinflaps, Jan 21 2005

       Like this very much. Maybe it could solve another problem too: make the headset and the cord very durable, and put a tiny generator on the axle of the spindle it winds up on. If your phone battery is dead you can repeatedly yank on the headset cord (ala a pull start lawnmower) to charge it enough to make one call.
krelnik, Jan 26 2005

       Or include a retractable power cord.
Worldgineer, Jan 26 2005

       Elegant. + even if it is already patented.
Etymon, Jan 26 2005

       I just got an email from a "Chad T." about this. Apparently, he's the one who baked this idea. Here's his email:   

       "hi I saw that article that you wrote on Halfbakery about the attached cellphone earbud, I am so glad to see that some people would like to have that. I thought the same thing a few years a go and so I got the patent for it in 2004. I am currently trying to get a major manufacturer to buy the idea and produce it. Well I just wanted you to know that it might be vailable soon   

       Chad T."
XSarenkaX, May 05 2006

       Cool. Best of luck to Chad T.
Jinbish, May 05 2006

       I wonder what happened with Chad T. and his idea to bake my idea. Is this still in the works? Chad, Chad, please provide us with an update!
XSarenkaX, Jul 03 2007


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