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Cell Phone Sunglasses Sensing Screen Brightness

Use the existing facial recognition systems to detect sunglasses
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The weather, here in the Northern hemisphere at least, is starting to get bright and sunny. This means that leaving the house early puts the sun squarely ahead of me on my walk to work. To combat this, I go with the conventional solution that is some sunglasses.

Now, I go to play a podcast or some music, and, dammit! Can't see the screen. So, given how sophisticated facial recognition algorithms are, detecting sunglasses should be easy. So let's do that, and upon detecting sunglasses, ramp up the phone brightness.

bs0u0155, May 03 2022

Shut up and take my money! https://www.youtube...watch?v=Tdf_19_FmxM
[doctorremulac3, May 03 2022]

// ambient light sensors ... to tune the screen color balance // https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202613
"True Tone, which is on by default, uses sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your display to match the ambient light, so that images appear more natural. [a1, May 05 2022]


       Shut up and take my money! [+]
doctorremulac3, May 03 2022

       Shut up and take his money! [+]
21 Quest, May 03 2022

       If the phone is outside and the sun is shining, then the screen will already be at maximum brightness.   

       If the user is wearing sunglasses inside where the screen brightness is less than maximum, then there would be a use for this technology, but I would suggest that a better solution would be for the phone not to increase its brightness but instead for the user to realise they are wearing sunglasses indoors and to take them off.   

       Unless of course they are wearing sunglass lights in which case the lights will trigger the brightness sensor to make the screen to go to maximum brightness
pocmloc, May 03 2022

       Not necessarily. If the phone is in the shadow of your head, for instance, it might be auto adjusted to a lower brightness.
21 Quest, May 03 2022

       Might be best to use BOTH cameras (front & back, I mean... phones these days with their 17 different cameras...); front looks at you face to see sunnies etc, back looks at the ground to see the brightness of the other things in your field of view (overall FOV brightness determines iris aperture, or something...).
neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022

       The point is, that even though phones do auto screen brightness, that's a separate thing to when you're wearing sunglasses. Shadows, inside, whatever. With sunglasses, brightness should be max.
bs0u0155, May 04 2022

       Right so the whole outdoors schtick was a red herring (even on a couldy day or int he shadow of [21]'s head the luminousitey of the outdoors is a lot brighter than any super bright interior).   

       But the whole sunglasses indoors thing is a whole other can of flies.
pocmloc, May 04 2022

       //best to use BOTH cameras//   

       As far as I know, they don't use cameras for light level sensing. It's much more sensible to use a sensor that needs no optical elements or multiple pixels for spatial resolution. All you need is light intensity. For that they use ambient light sensors, just photoresistors/diodes. Thinking about it, they could also incorporate some spectral information, even just basic RGB, you could use that to tune the screen color balance.
bs0u0155, May 05 2022

       Poc, you meantion sunglasses indoors but this is actually a good point to raise here. Anyone who's ever used transition lenses and had to wait several minutes upon entering a building for the darkened lenses to go clear again would benefit from this.
21 Quest, May 05 2022

       //Anyone who's ever used transition lenses//   

       "Did you go out to lunch yet Jeff?" "No" "Liar"
bs0u0155, May 06 2022

       LMAO ^
21 Quest, May 07 2022

       I have a colleague who comes in on bright, cold winter mornings with dark lenses that are rapidly accumulating condensation "My glasses are blinding me in two independent ways!"
bs0u0155, May 09 2022


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