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cell phone remote control

control your TV or public display terminal interactively
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Hmm.. how about a feature in TVs or shopping malls that let you interactively browse content or switch videos by aiming your cell phone at a reciever ( infrared?) on a Tv?plasma display? ... Almost everyone carries a cellphone now ( and those who dont, wont matter to hiprofile advertisers anyways). ... need to figure out how to make these cell phone remote controls communicate with the display device tho.... infrared? bluetooth ?...these features arent yet implemented on all phones...SMS ahh yes!!! but imagine someone in London controlling a TV display in a shopping mall in India ...errrm ...back to the drawing board...
clydd, Aug 28 2002


       More likely to work if you dial a number, because then you'll be paying for it, and that is bound to make someone happy.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2002


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