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Cell phone tourism

Travel without leaving your chair.
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The idea is for an electronic travel service. A user either goes to a web page or downloads a program, chooses a location, and pays a fee. The program receives video and receives and transmitts sound. High speed internet access is a requirement for the online service. At the chosen location, a low-wage worker or mid-wage tour guide recieves a call on their video phone. The video phone could be a high-end retail model with a headset or a custom device that is able to record and send higher quality video. The user and the worker are now connected, and the user tells the worker where to go and what to do (within reason).

With this service, you are able to experience a city around the world. You can interact with the locals, and experience much of a travel experience without the price or effort of flying.

Worldgineer, May 18 2004

Telepresence Airship http://www.halfbake...epresence_20Airship
Thank you [spacemoggy] for the inspiration. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

First Person Reality TV First_20Person_20Reality_20TV
[JesusHChrist, Mar 18 2005]

Amazon Explore https://www.amazon.com/explore
Just 16 years later Amazon bakes this. (I believe it's for US customers only at the moment, but they say they'll expand soon) [Worldgineer, Dec 14 2020]


       You're going to put me out of business, [Worldgineer]!
spacemoggy, May 18 2004

       You take the air, I'll take the ground. I don't think I could get any of my people to climb the outside of the Empire State building or see the topside of stonehenge anyway. Hey, we still haven't covered underwater travel.
Worldgineer, May 18 2004

spacemoggy, May 18 2004

       I do like this idea - being naturally inclined towards any proposition which enables me to perform any function without getting off my lazy arse. However, in poor parts of the world you might be treated to a ringside seat as you watch a gang of thieves pursuing your remote tour guide to steal the presumably valuable video phone!   

       Also, being something of a scaredy cat when it comes to visiting the more dangerous parts of the world, this might be a real alternative. Any volunteers to give me a remote tour of the Iraqi battle fields, or that street in Columbia with the highest rate of kidnap/murder in the world?
dobtabulous, May 19 2004

       Another benefit is that you don't need to speak the language. Bilingual guides are hired, and translate everything important said around them.
Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005

       The "worker or tour guide" in this idea would get paid by how well they could assist in making your trip exciting. There would be competition arround people who were willing to do the craziest stuff. You would both share director-actor responsibilities. I bet teams of people who can operate like this -- together, either two heads are better than one, or brains and body -- will become popular the more seamless the interpersonal connection gets. See "First Person Reality TV" link.
JesusHChrist, Mar 18 2005

       I tried out Amazon Explore last night, and took my wife wine tasting in Argentina. It was fun. It's kind of great timing since travel is pretty much dead at the moment.
Worldgineer, Dec 14 2020

       This is obviously a good idea. (+)
beanangel, Dec 17 2020


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