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Cell phone orchestra

Keyboards with a limited range.
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Musicians with keypads in different sound ranges play symphonically, while people in the audience are (at times) directed to accompany them.

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4and20, Sep 11 2021

MoPhO http://mopho.stanford.edu/
Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra [a1, Sep 12 2021]

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       This idea needs more words.
Voice, Sep 11 2021

       + sounds like fun
xandram, Sep 11 2021

       think of it like a pipe organ except instead of pipes, it's an app on everyone's cell phones
sninctown, Sep 11 2021

       If everyone downloaded an appropriate ringtone, then tunes on their collective phones could be played from a large call-centre. I imagine the conductor in penguin suit with baton standing on a podium facing ranks of cubicles occupied by the call centre staff. Meanwhile outside on the streets, the dulcet tones of Beethoven's 73rd waft through the streets.
pocmloc, Sep 12 2021

       See MoPhO link. They did at least some audience participation concerts. Don’t know if MoPhO is still around, all of their related links I’m finding are pretty old. But there are many other examples online of the same idea.   

       … so sure, it sounds like fun, but this is a bone for not checking if it had done it before.
a1, Sep 12 2021

       good catch [a1]
xandram, Sep 12 2021


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