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Cellph Defense

Combine the functionality of two commonly carried devices
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Incorporate a canister of mace/pepper spray in to the design of a cell phone. When the mace/pepper spray is deployed, the phone will automatically dial 911 or other pre-programmed emergency number.

Of course, appropriate safety mechanisms would be required to prevent accidental activation of the spray deterrent.

So what do you do if the pepper spray/mace doesn’t deter the attacker ? Step 1) Dial 52769 Step 2) Lob the phone to/at the attacker Step 3) Run like mad because you just activated the optional SureStop hand grenade feature.

half, Apr 14 2002

Panic PIN http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Panic_20PIN
For your roaming panic security. [reensure, Apr 14 2002]


       I think we need to teach a whole new class, focusing on the cellphone for close-combat in martial arts.   

       'I have a black belt in Mo-jitsu...'   

       'Okay, crazy-san, now poke him in the eye with the antenna...'
RayfordSteele, Apr 14 2002

       A funny joke then is to setup call forwarding on your home line to "52769". You're friends will laugh and laugh when they try to reach you.
spartanica, Apr 14 2002

phoenix, Apr 14 2002

       This idea has already been done with a pager, but you get a croissant for the hand grenade feature.
ishotpac, Apr 15 2002

       Send this idea to Nokia for them to create a choice of blasts. Mushroom blast could be default, and so on..
antisoc, Apr 15 2002

       If you've ever accidently answered your clothes iron instead of the telephone, I would recommend not buying one of these.
stupop, Apr 15 2002

       Optionally press 573 to dispense LSD in a spray form at your attacker. Press 468 to dispense Tabasco. That's lots of fun when dining out with somebody who needs to visit the restrooms during the meal. Clandestinely add a little 'spice' to somebody's meal.
pathetic, Mar 03 2003


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