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Xiphoid Cellphone

For the modern barbarian
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Barbarians rarely use cellphones. The reason for this is obvious - chatting away with a cellphone in his hand, the barbarian would be vulnerable to a surprise attack, since he would have to drop his phone before drawing his sword, slowing his reaction time.

Even if he wins the fight, his cellphone may be damaged from the fall. This would make the barbarian angry, but with his foe already dead, he would have no-one to vent his rage upon.

For these reasons (and a few other minor ones involving the state of barbarian-era technology, the impossibility of time travel, and suchlike), the barbarian market has remained untapped by the cellphone industry.

Until now.

The Xiphoid Cellphone is a sword which has a cellphone built into the guard. One half of the guard contains the keys, the other half the speaker, with the mouthpiece in the centre. The antenna running through the blade ensures crystal-clear reception anywhere, from desolate plains to remote mountain passes.

The speaker is loud enough that the barbarian can hear the other person clearly as he crouches warily, sword held in front of his face, carrying out his conversation while poised to defend himself against his foes.

Available now from your nearest swordsmith.

imaginality, Jan 06 2007

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An unhappy barbarian http://guro-games.c..._bone_barbarian.jpg
This barbarian is sad. He is sad because he doesn't have a xiphoid cellphone [imaginality, Jan 06 2007]

A happy barbarian http://greywolf.cri...02-18-barbarian.gif
With his new xiphoid cellphone. Notice the microphone in the centre of the guard, powerful enough to cope with his angry bellows, however loud. [imaginality, Jan 06 2007]

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       [+] Maybe also a camera phone so that the barbarian could take pictures of his foe after fighting him.   

       Btw [XSarustaX], Xiphoid means "sword-shaped".
acurafan07, Jan 07 2007

       Harald "Bluetooth" I, king of Denmark, would kick your Xiphoid cellphone toting barbarian's ass.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 07 2007

       Yes, but since it interferes with navigation equipment, you have to keep it switched off during the flight.
arvin, Jan 09 2007

       I thought that this was going to be a cellphone implanted into your chest.
st3f, Jan 09 2007

       It's rather the reverse; owners of this cellphone tend to insert it into the chests of others.
imaginality, Jan 09 2007


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