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physical bad

makes death to digital cameras
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The physical bad is an object that destroys cameras when you try to take a photo of it. I envision it some sort of mirrored cross which reflects bad lasers into the lens, creating a 'crossed path' within the photon-tube, therefore melting down the internals of whichever camera is so pointed at the physical bad.
walkerbelm, Sep 03 2006

Anti-Paparazzi Device http://www.nytimes....88324f6885c&ei=5070
Blinds digital cameras, rather than killing them, but same difference. (Not clear why it only picks on digital cameras.) [DrCurry, Sep 03 2006]


       Would it blow up your brain if you looked at it? Or simply drive you mad?
bungston, Sep 03 2006

       I suspect [walkerbelm] may have gazed into the madness. How does it know where the camera is and when it is taking a photo? If you can tell me that then this is an idea, if not then it's just a Wouldn't It Be Nice If.
wagster, Sep 03 2006

       As I understand it, many modern cameras use an infrared beam to measure the distance to the object they're photographing. If that is true, the object could detect that beam and its direction, and send it back amplified.   

       I don't expect you're going to be able to melt the internals without melting a little bit of the externals too, though.   

       At the beginning of "Inside Man", bank robbers "take out the CCTV cameras" by pointing strong infrared beams at them. So, in Hollywood Physics, this clearly works.
jutta, Sep 03 2006

       If this object that destroys cameras worked with 100% efficiency how would you market it? You couldn't photograph it for your glossy brochures. And I don't think I'd buy one based on flowery prose or a scrawled illustration on a cocktail napkin.   

       I think [walkerbelm] is a just a frustrated, out-of-work camera repairman.
Canuck, Sep 03 2006

       conceptual bad
pigtails_and_ponies, Sep 03 2006

       Im not positive but i dont think that there is a digital camera availble today that makes use of a "photon-Tube" I think they are all CCD cameras which means you can point them at the sun with no adverse effects.
jhomrighaus, Sep 03 2006

       I think this is simply one of those anti-paparazzi devices that do, actually, exist.
DrCurry, Sep 03 2006

       Yes, in retrospect I agree with pigtails and ponies.
walkerbelm, Sep 04 2006

       I am thinking that this could be done more easily with an image of Nyaralahotep or one of those Lovecraftian gods that blast your soul if you look at it, or say its name, or smell it. The image could be painted pixel by pixel, upsidedown, by several painters, because if just one painter for the whole thing you would have to pay too much for workers comp insurance.
bungston, Jun 22 2011

       blit geb
nineteenthly, Jun 22 2011


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