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Cellphone Constant Sampler

Similar to Tivo
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Ideally on a cellphone, a constant sample of the sound around you gets recorded via your headset or a clip on bluetooth mic to your handset.

The idea came to me after a converstation the other day with a friend where a stunning woman passed by our spot. We derailed. Neither of could remember what we were talking about before.

Pressing the replay key could be fun, interesting, and handy in a host of situations. The sample length would be a constant buffer of 10 minutes or so, with the earliest parts of the sample falling into the ether as the new audio is recorded.

Giblet, May 18 2005


       The only thing this has over the facilities already available on cell phones is the "always-on" nature of the recording. As such, the only distinguishing use I can think of would be in a situation similar to the one you describe, where a woman, monkey with a monocle, ice cream truck or somesuch momentarily distracts you and you need to replay the very last part of the conversation. In this case, you'd want a much much shorter sample (say 10 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes).
DocBrown, May 18 2005

       This would be just the thing for those pointless arguments with the wife.   

       "But you just said.." "No, I didn't" "Listen, let's just go to the replay, shall we?"
justaguy, May 18 2005

       jag, I can't see how that would do anything but exacerbate the situation.
Soterios, May 18 2005

       Isn't that the point of arguing with your wife?
justaguy, May 18 2005

       Hmmm, I'm guessing you're a member of the 18-25 demographic.
Soterios, May 18 2005

       Why, because I just tried to establish the point of an activity I previously described as pointless?   

       Your mildly innacurate demography is of no concern to me.
justaguy, May 18 2005

       This needs a button configured to e-mail the audio and restart the recording. Oh, and 30 minutes of recording, please.
Shz, May 18 2005

       jag, I'm 43, and I've gotten past the point where I find pointlessly needling the missus entertaining. That seems to me to be a matter of interest primarily to the young, hence my guess at your age group.   

       My initial point is that, in my experience, access to exact records of casual conversations will bite you on your own ass about as often as it proves any point to an SO, and furthermore, in communication situations with one's mate, one generally doesn't 'win' merely by being 'right.'   

       You seemed oblivious to those nuances, so I assumed you were young. Since you've seen fit to disabuse me of that notion, I'm thus inclined towards an alternate conclusion.
Soterios, May 18 2005

       [Soterios], being right is an excellent way to win arguments. However, it is my experience that some people of both genders may equate winning an argument with not upsetting their SO. This I find curious.   

       Some might see "pointless needling" as honest communication and regard the preservation of such, irrespective of temporary emotional upset, a good way to preserve a genuine connection with an SO.
DocBrown, May 18 2005

       Well, not to argue on the internet or anything, but my general experience has been that arguments with anyone at all are ultimately futile.   

       The point being that an argument, by definition, will exacerbate the situation - recording device or not.   

       Based on the assumptions you've made regarding my age, intent on 'winning' by being 'right', and oblivion to certain finer points of communication, I can only assume that your alternate conclusion will be ultimately satisfying to you.   

       The recursive nature of most arguments (this one being a prime example) is what amuses me the most. If I had recordings of real life arguments, I wouldn't need the Internet.
justaguy, May 18 2005

       I see your point, Doc. I guess it's a matter of temperment. Proving some points are important enough to risk emotional upset, but others seem like more trouble than they're worth to pursue, to me. However, the older I get, the more stuff I find myself mentally moving to the second column.
Soterios, May 18 2005

       That's why I'm here myself, jag, for the sake of entertainment. No offense was intended by any of my remarks, and yes, my ultimate conclusion was adequately satisfying to me. Even though I know you're indifferent.
Soterios, May 18 2005

       I'd agree [Soterios]. Arguing over trivialities is pointless. Remote control privileges though...
DocBrown, May 18 2005

       ... well, now, that's war.
bristolz, May 18 2005

       Offense? Nonsense. None taken. Mutual indifference ahoy!
justaguy, May 18 2005

       This isn't only an idea for conversations, but to get random samples from the world.   

       I produce electronic music, and some samples are nearly impossible to get in time.   

       The other week, a racoon came out of the bushes, stood on two legs, held it's front legs over it's head, and started making honking sounds at me. If I had my permanent audio buffer, I'd have the sample.   

       As well, sometimes my boss tells me 10 things to do in the morning, and this would also be a great way to remind myself of what to do without having to pencil it down somewhere.
Giblet, May 18 2005

       Just give it a few months and it'll be in the next iPhone update.
mecotterill, Feb 09 2008


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