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Hands free tones

Convert voice input to phone tones.
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Much talk about the safety of talking on your mobile while driving. Even with a headset and voice activated dialing, looking at your keypad and pressing buttons is still unavoidable, whether it's to phone someone who's not programmed into your system, to check your voice-mail, or to navigate a phone-based menu.

A small DTMF converter installed in your cell phone would solve that by converting one of 12 pre-set keywords into a tone.

grip, Jun 19 2003


       "I'll meet you at the movies at <beep> o'clock. The film should get out by <boop>."   

       There are issues, but overall I like it.
Worldgineer, Jun 19 2003

       Just say the name and city of the person you want to call. If you are in the US call toll free directory assitance at 1-800-555-1212 for a try.   

       I suggest that you leave the technology out of the phone and move it to the service providers ground station. That way everyone can benefit. Just hit one button or scream real loud to activate the link. Then say the name.
kbecker, Jun 19 2003

       [kbecker] It's not just dialing people's phone numbers, but also navigating automated menus, like checking voice mail or calling your credit card company.
grip, Jul 28 2003


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