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free sms server via bluetooth

bt enabled computer recieves messages and relays them through internet
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well, it's fun to feel your'e screwing cell companies and it's not costing you anything

how -

1) internet-connected computer + bluetooth card with Xtra-large antenna (for maximum range)

"According to an article entitled Bluetooth a Mile Away in Popular Science, installation of a 5 dbi antenna can extend the range of a Bluetooth USB Class 1 dongle to a mile. " I assume/hope a practical range comp<-->phone will be at least 200 feet.

2) user on street/office/campus making connection (i don't know what software is needed for this) with his cell and sending a message to computer , along with number

3) computer sends SMS through any free service available.


supershnitzel, Jun 28 2005

extend range of bt dongles http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1836
[supershnitzel, Jun 28 2005]


       Current maximum bluetooth range is 10 meters, about 32 feet. You may have the biggest antenna in the world but your cell still wont have enough juice to send data farther than that. Sorry. [-]
maximus5, Jun 28 2005

       By the way, if you still want to copulate with "the cell companies". Google "free sms send"
maximus5, Jun 28 2005

       <text from link>According to an article entitled, Bluetooth a Mile Away in Popular Science, installation of a 5 dbi antenna can extend the range of a Bluetooth USB Class 1 dongle to a mile. Unfortunately, the author of this article was not able to reproduce these results, and with a 5 dbi antenna the maximum distance between the dongle and a SE P900 phone was 230m... Overall, use of more efficient and bigger antennas provides better results, however in general the low power of a Bluetooth device limits this approach. The D-Link ANT24-1400 14dbi high gain directional panel antenna, connected directly to a Class 1 Bluetooth dongle, in my tests allowed connection to P900 phone to a maximum distance of 500m<text from link> Okay, so if someone is willing to spend a lot of money it might work, but it just doesnt seem practical or worth it. But! I'll change to neutral on this one, due to new arguments in favour of your idea. :)
maximus5, Jun 29 2005

       i hope one day electrical engineers get together and make a low cost home solution to increase (illegaly , btw) the range of class 1 bt communication to as far as possible... for the good of society. this way people can put an end to --waste of money-- on cell communication. most important stuff can be done through text anyway. in my country sms's cost like 10 cents each, limited to 70 chars (!!) so you can see it turns into BIG SAVINGS
supershnitzel, Jun 29 2005

       I used to live in Ukraine, one of the mobile phone operator companies has a package in which an sms costs about 1 cent! While Fido in Canada charges me 20 cents... :( but 160 chars tho. Do you use the latin character set when you send sms's? If you dont thats probably why you get only 70 chars...
maximus5, Jun 29 2005

       Whats an SMS sever? Dont answer that.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jun 30 2005

       In fact, when a large percentage of cell phones have both WiFi and Java, and free WiFi spots become commonplace, phone companies could very easily get shafted by a Java version of Skype.   

       Something to think about....
not_only_but_also, Jun 30 2005

       thats a thought that never occured to me [not_only_but_also]
maximus5, Jun 30 2005

       They could, except for the fact that the most current Java API for MIDs does not give the program access to the microphone or the earpiece.
[ sctld ], Jun 30 2005


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