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Cellular castration

Cellular castration with laser and retain spermatogenosis function
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Unlike surgical and chemical castration which cut off function to steroidogenisis and spermatogenosis, if castration can be induced at the cellular level, it might be possible to "semi-castrate" without forgoing complete fertility. Testosterone is produced in the leydig cells when signaled by luteinizing hormone (LH). Chemical castration works by eventually cutting off LH but it is expensive. Since spermatogensis can only happen in the presense of LH & FSH, cutting off LH means a lead to infertility. There are around 800 seminiferous tubules per testicle. Based on some histology literature, about 5 leydig cells are present per every seminiferous tubule. That gives us 8000 leydig cells per every male genital. How these 8000 leydig cells can be eradicated cellularly holds the key to shutting down testosterone supply. Two hypothetical procedures are proposed to this end.

1) Laser Laser requires no surgical incision to be performed, therefore it does not come with complications such as infection, inflammation or bleeding. Laser hair removal is already readily available. In some parts of the world, operating laser equipment for hair or tattoo removal requires no medical licensing requirement. Although laser used for hair removal might be different from that used successfully for our purpose due to wavelength or wattage, the principle behind the mechanism is the same. To begin the procedure, the testicles are treated with ice to shrink their sizes and target surface area. Shrinking the testicles will serve to ease the pain, speed up the procedure (less laser zap less pain) and allow more tissue depth exposure to laser. Finally, before-and-after saliva sample can be taken to compare testosterone level. The procedure might require several out-patient visits but it is still cheaper and less likely more painful. But dont forget the function of making baby is intact.

2) Injection with EDS - refer to following publication for more details. Injection is a little bit tricky to perform. Laser and chemical injection are both hit and miss in nature but in order to destroy all leydig cells with injection, the whole testicle has to be saturated for a certain period of time. The chemical reabsorbed into bloodstream might have toxic effect to the rest of the body. Injection therefore might not work any better than wrapping the testicles with plastic wrap delivering same chemical, such as ketoconazole 2% shampoo ( testosterone inhibitor) and methanol o/ Emu Oil (penetration enhancer), through transdermal route.

"In vitro effects of ethylene-dimethane sulfonate (EDS) on Leydig cells: inhibition of steroid production and cytotoxic effects are dependent on species and age of rat. - Rommerts FF, Teerds KJ, Hoogerbrugge JW Mol Cell Endocrinol 1988 Jan;55(1):87-94. "

cocobk, Apr 07 2004


       (@c@) !
futurebird, Apr 07 2004

       And I thought chemical castration went 'plink, plink..fizz'. Im guessing the idea of this is to allow the person to still maintain the same mentality (as some people develop lathargy etc) whilst making them impotent. Personally Id prefer to wait for the male pill
miasere, Apr 07 2004

       So reading this you propose to permanently cut of testosterone production but leave the sperm production running, now i am no biologist but isn't testosterone linked to a lot of normal functions in both a male and a female body, also doesn't testosterone have an affect on libido?
engineer1, Apr 07 2004

       //How these 8000 leydig cells can be erudicated cellularly holds the key to shutting down testosterone supply//   

       I would suggest an incision separating the chains of cells comprising the epididymis. That may cause some problems with testosterone, I guess, but the patient's singing voice may well improve.
Zanzibar, Apr 07 2004

       I like the idea of eructating the leydig cells, but I cannot think of a situation where "semi-castration" would be desirable. No vote from me yet - I need more from [coco]
bungston, Apr 07 2004

       You might be able to delete the leydig cells with antibodies that are attached to chemotherapy drugs. The drugs only get delivered to the leydig cells that way.
beanangel, Nov 19 2018


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