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Elective Prostate Relocation Surgery

It's Certainly Not Working Out Where It Is Now...
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One of the tricks human evolution played on the male of the species was placing the donut shaped prostate gland around the urethra. As a guy gets older, this gland can gradually grow and choke off the normal flow, making for many trips to the bathroom throughout the night.

Problem no more! Enter Elective Prostate Relocation Surgery!

A plastic surgeon, working in tandem with a urologist, can remove the gland and place it anywhere inside or outside the body. It can still provide it's original function, supplying fluid for romantic interludes through a long tube, mixing with all the other good bits in the ejecta.

For the morbidly obese, a guy might elect to have it wrapped around the stomach in place of the band they normally use. For the fashion conscious, they may elect to have it outside the body as a nipple ring or ear ring.

In periodic checks for cancer, the old fashioned method of a finger wave will no longer be necessary. (Most guys couldn't, or indeed wouldn't, perform that one by themselves) In many cases the prostate will now be within easy reach.

Grogster, May 25 2011

And while you're in there... Vanity_20in_20Vein
[normzone, May 25 2011]


       How about you take your prostate and stuff it up your .... oh, wait--it's already up there. Um. As you were, then.
baconbrain, May 25 2011


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