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Champagne Lawn Darts

A mix of alchohol, celebration and high speed lawn darts
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What could possibly go wrong? Basically, modify the cork of a champagne bottle into a lawn dart, with the point sticking up and the stopper at the end. When the champagne is opened, the release of the cork would be replaced with the release of a lawn dart, which could be turned into a festive game of hitting a target (or more likely, a game of scatter and run). For indoor fun, paint a target on the ceiling.
bigdumbdane, Jul 31 2006

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       Alas, letting the cork fly just encourages rapid pressure changes and champagne loss. The best way to open the bottle is extremely slowly with a very tight grip, so that only the smallest of hisses is heard.   

       But welcome to the 'bakery anyway.
normzone, Jul 31 2006

       //extremely slowly with a very tight grip// Oh, for champagne, you mean. Always the best method, yes.   

       The kind of people who'd do this probably aren't drinking champagne.   

       Welcome, have a drink. Here's blood in your eye.
baconbrain, Jul 31 2006

       [normzone]: And remember to turn the bottle, not the cork...   

       + from me. I can handle the loss of some champagne or cheap cava. As long as the beer is intact, lets fly those corks! <pop!>
Jinbish, Jul 31 2006

       //The best way to open the bottle//   

       I thought the best way was with a cavalryman's sabre...
Custardguts, Feb 08 2009

       //I thought the best way was with a cavalryman's sabre//   

       I've seen that done and must admit I was impressed.
Zimmy, May 14 2009


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