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Paint artillery

for larger paintball fights
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Voice, Apr 23 2010

IMDB: Kelly's Heroes http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065938/
Sgt Oddball (Donald Sutherland) [Dub, Apr 25 2010]

Paint land mine http://www.pbreview...ducts/reviews/3634/
[Voice, Apr 29 2010]

Paint land mine http://www.alternat...tball.com/mines.htm
[Voice, Apr 29 2010]


       Not so sure on this one. The bruises that I am currently nursing suggest that standard paintball is bad enough!
Jinbish, Apr 23 2010

       I told you that you should wear more to the fight than your mask and that armored garter belt, but you wouldn't listen.
bungston, Apr 23 2010

       [Ian], google says yes, but I try not to link to nudes here.   

       I can only support this idea if it is taken outside the context of paintball and adapted for military purposes - and millinery purposes too.
normzone, Apr 23 2010

       Paint ICBMs. Drop 100,000 gallons of magnolia on any major city in the world, within twenty minutes of the President pressing the big red button.
Wrongfellow, Apr 24 2010

       ICBM payloads aren't that big, certainly not big enough to hold 350 tonnes of paint.
8th of 7, Apr 24 2010


       I was imagining at least a few thousand of them, concealed in silos scattered all across the Western hemisphere.
Wrongfellow, Apr 24 2010

       Jinbish, safety concerns would be alleviated by making air-burst rounds so targets would get splattered by paint and not actually hit by the entire round.
DIYMatt, Apr 24 2010

       // safety concerns //   

       GET OUTTA HERE !!
8th of 7, Apr 25 2010

       Paint grenades already exist, but are not as fun as you'd think; they are basically an expensive water balloon. There is a ridiculous catapult you can get for water balloons that can easily cover 100m.   

       Most paintball places I've been to have been in wooded areas or indoors so artillery wouldn't be much use.
marklar, Apr 25 2010

       // an expensive water balloon //   

       So much you know. Step this way Sir, in the back of the shop we have some special items for our more ... discerning ... customers. Sir would be amazed by what can be achieved with a 15 litre tub of trade emulsion and a suitably fused Mk. VIII thunderflash. Sir should be assured that when shopping at a BorgCo outlet, it's never just a case of "Only what you see on the shelves, buddy ..."
8th of 7, Apr 25 2010

       Didn't Sgt Oddball in Kelly's Heroes (Donald Sutherland, as a pre-hippy Hippy tank commander) fire these?
From IMDB: Oddball "Well, yeah, man, you see, like, all the tanks we come up against are bigger and better than ours, so all we can hope to do is, like, scare 'em away, y'know. This gun is an ordinary 76mm but we add this piece of pipe onto it, and the Krauts think, like, maybe it's a 90mm. We got our own ammunition, it's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes... pretty pictures. Scares the hell outta people! We have a loudspeaker here, and when we go into battle we play music, very loud. It kind of... calms us down. "
Dub, Apr 25 2010

       They usually paint artillery green, or sometimes brown.
wagster, Apr 25 2010

       google chaospaintball or tank paintball   

       did it for someone's birthday. Quite good gun, though the rounds could have been bigger...
saedi, Apr 25 2010

       Paint land mines?
S-note, Apr 28 2010


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