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Farmers Who Play With Frisbees

fun method of planting seeds
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Farmers Who Play With Frisbees do so because this is how they have chosen to scatter their seeds. Naturally these particular frisbees have been modified to carry detachable curved hoppers around the interior of their rims, evenly spraying out the seeds though appropriately sized holes as they spin through the air.
xenzag, Sep 07 2009


       Use mixed wild flower seed and give 'em to urban kids.
wagster, Sep 07 2009

       more fun than practical shirley
dentworth, Sep 07 2009

       How did I miss this? I said HOW DID I MISS THIS??? I'm in love with it. Doable, fun, and great for the garden. A huge, soaring +
blissmiss, Sep 07 2009

       Nice, then again, farmers who play with boomerangs could create their very own cropcircles.
zeno, Sep 07 2009

       Excellent upgrade, [zeno].
blissmiss, Sep 07 2009

       Next time you play frisbee golf, why not load 'em up with grass seed, to replenish the course?
DrWorm, Sep 07 2009

       Would the seeding Frisbees later have blades fitted on the exterior of their rims for easy harvest of the crop?
Canuck, Sep 08 2009

       these aren't cowpats are they?
po, Sep 08 2009

       Good one, Canuck, as usual.
blissmiss, Sep 08 2009

       + for the inventions here!
xandram, Sep 08 2009


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