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Change Gun

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If you live in a city with a high crime rate and wish you were allowed to carry a gun to protect yourself and entertain visions of bullet fire glory this is for you .

Its a device that you load your spare change into as ammunition. Then you can shoot it at people but only when necessary.

Shoot a would be mugger in the eyes with a volley of dimes and pennies and it could save your life.

vfrackis, Oct 07 2009


       I just want to say that I read this idea.
WcW, Oct 07 2009

       You could also fill it with gravel, or superfluous body parts. Or it could be a poison spear with barbs.
bungston, Oct 07 2009

       He doesn't specify how big this "device" is, maybe it is some sort of blunderbuss?
kaz, Oct 07 2009

       "Here's your change, sir."   

       "Oh, just put it in my blunderbuss."
DrWorm, Oct 07 2009

       Could work like the various toy guns that shoot discs : one or two rotating soft wheels that the disc/coin is pushed between. Should accomodate most coin sizes.   

       I'm fascinated by the simplicity of the solution : In case you want to carry a gun, carry a gun. [-]
loonquawl, Oct 08 2009

       So this is a gun, which shoots stuff?
hippo, Oct 08 2009

       Talking of blunderbusses (a muzzle-loading firearm with a flared muzzle so as to assist in the loading process) - I wonder whether they are legal in the UK? I think there might be some kind of antique arms circumvention that might allow a flint or matchlock, muzzle-loading device to be classed as a pipe, or novelty vase.   

       Come the inevitable zombie invasion, a blunderbuss might provide effective deterrence. You could put coins, gravel, lemon pips, or whatever was to hand in one of those things and blam - no more zombies.
zen_tom, Oct 08 2009

       //I wonder whether they are legal in the UK?// I think you could have one under a shotgun license - that's what civil war re-enactors do who have matchlock muskets.
pocmloc, Oct 08 2009

       //Come the inevitable zombie invasion// Dammit, [zen], you have those things on the braaaaain.
pertinax, Oct 09 2009

       Sadly in the US, people commonly get shot for carrying toy guns, so I'd have to go with [loonquawl], if you need a gun, carry a gun. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. If not carry a suitable substitute such as a Taser, Mace (the spray or the midevil weapon), Pepper spray or at least one of those new tactical flashlights.   

       I used to deliver pizza and carried a modified 6 cell Maglite filled with lead acid gel batteries and 12V H1 bulb. Even drunk frat boys paid attention when I needed them too.   

       Don't pull a weapon unless you can use the weapon effectively for your defense. A penny gun is just going to piss people off. That mugger just wants your money, now he may take your life. Unless you are firing those pennies as explosively formed penetrators because that would be a different story. (-)
MisterQED, Oct 09 2009


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