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colourful blanks

pack non lethal fireworks in a range of shell casings
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Tom wanted to make the proposal different. Everything had been done before. One thing he was sure of is that he would have to use his love of 9 millimeters.

The place would have to the lakeside. It was where him and Becky had spent heartfelt times, by themselves and their ragged bunch of close friends. Also, no pretence would be needed to get Becky there.

The day had come. Becky and Tom went for a stroll to the waters edge after a beautiful lunch. Tom turned to Becky, " I have to ask you". Becky had a knowing anticipation in in eye and a small smile. Tom reach into his hoister and pulled out his glock. Becky's expression turned to shocked surprise. Tom raised the handgun into air aiming over the lake and fired.

A rain of silvery trails reached out across the water, A small pop was heard as red embers showered forth in the shape of a heart. As the sparks reflection flicked out in Becky's eyes she turned back to find Tom on his knee, hand outstretched with a ring.

wjt, May 23 2015


       // he would have to use his love of 9 millimeters.//   

       that's what she said...   


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